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If you work as an independent contractor in the USA, you probably have used the W-9 form to provide the information required to business clients. They will use this information to complete other tax documents. Many businesses that use independent contractors prefer digital W-9 forms, so you will want to get, fill in, and sign a W-9 online. In a digital world, this is a positive step towards making work easy.

If you are getting ready to fill in the W-9 online for your contracts, then you need this article to help you know how to go about it.

The IRS regulations and federal laws allow taxpayers to sign a W-9 online. All you need is to have an eSignature, which you can do with the help of a reliable service provider.

The IRS regulations and federal laws allow taxpayers to sign a W-9 online. All you need is to have an eSignature, which you can do with the help of a reliable service provider.

First, you need to download the form and fill in the details required, such as your taxpayer identification number, which is typically your social security number or your business's employer identification number. Experts recommend going through the form carefully to make sure that all the details are correct. This will help you avoid cancellation, enforcement, or penalty.

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After that, you can sign a W-9 online and submit it to your business client. This involves the use of an electronic signature on the form. To make it easy, seek the help of a professional solution provider, as mentioned.

How to Sign a W-9 Online with Different Solution Providers

  • signNow – This award-winning digital signature solution provider will help you sign your W-9 digitally after downloading and filling in all other details. Whether you want to sign W9 online or any other document for your business, this service will effortlessly come to your help. You need to register and upload the form to apply your eSignature. For more information, check their services on their website.
  • DigiSigner – Just like signNow, DigiSigner is an online solution for signing documents. It is compatible with different formats including PDF, which you will be using in this case. When you set up an account with the platform, you can upload your completed form, place the digital signature, and download it before sending it to your business client.
  • DocuSign – This is a popular platform with eSignature solutions. You can sign a W-9 online if you are an independent contractor using this website. Just like other solution providers, you have to upload the W-9 form, sign it, and then download it. DocuSign can provide you with more services that will suit your business including signing numerous documents electronically.
  • PandaDoc – If you have ever used digital signatures, you might have come across PandaDoc. It is equally popular and trusted because it uses secure encryption to protect documents. You can easily upload your form on PandaDoc after creating an account.
  • Adobe Sign – This service is part of the Adobe Suite for business. It is easy to use and very appropriate for any business. Once you complete and sign a W-9 online, you can send it to your business client.
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It is easy to sign a W-9 online with the help of professional service providers. You have many options in addition to what we have listed above. So, choose one that works best for you, pay, and enjoy their services.