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Over the last couple of years, we have seen huge changes in the world of sports betting in the USA. We are almost certain to see the same again over the next couple of years.

This will affect many different sports in very different ways. For example, while betting on NFL is popular around the world, it is going to go through the roof when the majority of US states allow sports betting, as this is where many of the fans are based.

Away from sports leagues, there is one industry in particular that could see itself propelled into the mainstream by US sports betting and that is the eSports industry.

With many fans in the US, and being close to mainstream in many parts of the world already, could further US exposure via sports betting set eSports up for a big move?

Bookmaker Exposure for eSports

There are many gamblers who like to place bets on a range of different things. Some will log onto their betting website and take a look around to find something that takes their eye.

Bookmakers have started to rapidly increase their eSports betting options, and with more options on offer, more people are turning to betting on the matches.

Bookmakers have started to rapidly increase their eSports betting options, and with more options on offer, more people are turning to betting on the matches.

When you add into this the ability to place live bets on the games, and also the chance to live stream the action on your bookmaker’s website, there are many reasons why eSports betting appeals to some people.

There are many betting companies out there to choose from Paddy Power is one of the most popular betting companies worldwide and they offer extensive eSports betting markets for players. 

Fans of gambling are slowly being made aware of eSports, not all will like it, but if just a handful of new fans come from betting, it will be a positive for the industry.

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How eSports Betting Has Changed

Those who already like eSports, or those who are looking to bet on eSports seriously, have a great range of options in front of them, much more than we saw a decade ago.

Gone are the days of only having limited betting markets, this is especially the case for major events such as the Fortnite World Cup.

Now you can bet in multiple ways, with individual round or map betting, total kills betting, handicap betting and of course who will win the battle outright.

This allows players to try and use their expertise as an advantage against the bookmaker, so just like other sports we have people who only bet on eSports and take this very seriously.

If eSports wants to be a big gambling sport, it must match traditional sports in terms of markets and betting options and right now we are seeing exactly that.

The Future of eSports

So, what will happen with eSports in the future?

The industry is inching towards being mainstream, though seemingly needs a final push. Could this come with more people becoming fans through betting, in particular in the USA?

This could potentially lead to big betting companies offering funds to sponsor events, because they know they are going to receive an income through offering betting markets.

There is a chance for this to be a very good two-way relationship, where both sides benefit greatly from what takes place. For eSports, betting could provide the final push they need and further funding through sponsorship.

For the betting industry, this could mean more players, new ways to bet and ultimately more income. Whatever happens, it is sure to be positive.