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Disgraced Ex-President Donald Trump delivered the Keynote Speech supporting his attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America on January 6, 2021 at the “Stop the Steal” Rally just before Congress convened to count the electoral votes. His speech was the consummation of events orchestrated for him by his devoted consiglieries Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. This has come to light in a masterful video presentation just completed by BBC regarding the involvement of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and QAnon in the Insurrection. Look for it…

What I am postulating here is that Trump advisors Roger Stone and Michael Flynn were the persons who principally carried out Trump’s orders to stage an Insurrection, done at his explicit direction. Here is how they did it:

Roger Stone

Stone was born in 1952, and has spent most of his life doing “dirty tricks” since the days when he dropped out of college and was hired by Jeb Magruder to work for CREEP, Nixon’s 1972 reelection committee. His first “dirty trick” was to contribute money to Nixon’s GOP rival in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance, after which he slipped the receipt to the right-wing Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader. Later, he had a huge tattoo of Nixon put on his back.

Trump advisors Roger Stone and Michael Flynn were the persons who principally carried out Trump’s orders to stage an Insurrection, done at his explicit direction.

Stone formed a lobbying firm in 1980 with Paul Manafort and Charles Black (later joined by the nasty Lee Atwater). That year, he worked with Roy Cohn to get Reagan GOP rival John Anderson the nomination of the Liberal Party of New York, to split the opposition vote to Reagan in New York. He also partnered in 1988 with Lee Atwater on some of his dirty tricks, especially the Willie Horton advertisement that trashed George H.W. Bush’s Democratic opponent Mike Dukakis.

In the 1990s, he worked for Trump, lobbying for his New Jersey casino business and opposing expanded casino gambling in New York. In 1996, he and his second wife were caught in a swingers sex scandal seeking sexual partners for both of them together. He rehabilitated himself in 2000 when he orchestrated in Florida the “Brooks Bros.” riot, intimidating Miami vote counters so much that they abandoned their recount effort and never finalized the full count before the Supreme Court elected George W. Bush.

In 2004, he supposedly forged a memo that tricked CBS into reporting that President Bush had not fulfilled his service obligation when he enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard. In 2007 he supposedly threatened the father of gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer. The call was traced to Stone’s wife’s phone.

Stone joined the Trump presidential campaign in early 2015, but left the campaign (or was fired) on August 8, 2015, but remained close to Trump throughout the campaign. In April, 2016, he formed the pro-Trump activist group “Stop the Steal”, and threatened “days of rage” if the GOP leaders tried to deny Trump the 2016 nomination. He was convicted on November 6, 2019 of a felony by Mueller’s team for his ties to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange regarding his email leaks.

Michael Flynn

Born in 1958, he served in the Army from 1987 to 2014, rising to the level of Brigadier General. He became the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in July, 2012, until he was fired for irregular conduct by President Obama in August, 2014 and retired. During his time as DIA head, he gave a lecture on leadership at the Moscow headquarters of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence directorate, the first American official to be admitted to the GRU headquarters. Strange…

After his retirement, he formed the Flynn Intel Group, and in December, 2015 he was paid $45,000 to deliver a speech in Moscow at the 10th Anniversary of RT, the Russian statecontrolled international television network. At the banquet head table, Flynn sat next to Putin. Thereafter, he became an advisor on national security to Trump during the 2016 campaign, and after the election, his National Security Advisor.

He was fired on February 13, 2017 after 22 days in office as National Security Adviser, and agreed to plead guilty in December, 2017 to lying to the FBI, Vice President Pence and others about his contacts with the Russians in the months before Trump took office.

The Insurrection

Stone has a long history with the Proud Boys. In early 2016, he sought out the Proud Boys to act as his “security” for a New Hampshire event, where photos showed him drinking with several of the Proud Boys. After his arraignment in January, 2020 by Mueller, several Proud Boys joined him on the courthouse steps holding “Roger Stone is Innocent” signs. Stone has denied that he has been initiated as a member, but he is close to the head of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio.

In September, 2020, Stone told InfoWars head Alex Jones that if Trump appeared to lose the 2020 election, he should consider declaring martial law via the Insurrection Act, confiscate the ballots, and shut down the Daily Beast and arrest its staff for seditious activities. He was pardoned by Trump from his 40 month prison sentence on December 23, 2020, after first commuting his sentence in July, 2020. Stone immediately met with Trump and offered his advice as to how to prevent Biden from being declared the winner.

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Stone was protected by the Proud Boys at the December 12, 2020 “Stop the Steal” rally in D.C. He also was seen with Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio and Ethan Nordean. Tarrio was arrested by the FBI for a weapons charge and could not be at the January 6 Insurrection, but Nordean was identified as a Proud Boys leader who stormed the Capitol and led the riot inside the building, and has been indicted.

At the January 5, 2021 “Rally to Save America” in D.C., Stone said:

And we will win this fight or America will step off into a thousand years of darkness. We dare not fail. I will be with you tomorrow, shoulder to shoulder. 

On the morning of January 6, Stone was seen outside the Willard Hotel in D. C. mingling with members of the Oath Keepers before they left for the “Stop the Steal” Rally at the Ellipse. Stone later specifically told everyone that he never left the grounds of the Willard Hotel that day. He left D.C. early that evening to fly to Florida before the blood was even dry on the floors of the Capitol.

On July 4, 2020 Flynn pledged his oath to the QAnon conspiracy theory, and as Trump was trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Flynn suggested that Trump should suspend the Constitution, silence the press, and hold a new election under military authority. Some people also believe that Flynn is actually the “Q” behind QAnon.

Flynn had twice pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians following the 2016 election, but on December 8, 2020 Trump gave him a full pardon. Immediately after getting his pardon, Flynn urged Trump to declare martial law to stop Biden from declaring an election victory. Trump considered making Flynn his Chief of Staff or FBI Director, but was talked out of it.

Flynn was rewarded with a speaking slot at the January 5, 2021 D.C. rally, where he said: “The country is awake. We will not stand for a lie.”

At that rally, Flynn’s brother Joseph also spoke, and amazingly, another Flynn brother, Army Brigadier General Charles Flynn, was present on the call to the Pentagon the next day by the Capitol Police desperately seeking support from the National Guard, which did not arrive until about four hours later due to Pentagon “slow-walking”.

Late on the evening of January 5, 2021, Flynn met with many of Trump’s top flunkies, including the Trump boys, loudmouth Kimberly Guilfoyle, even louder mouth Peter Navarro, 2016 campaign loyalists Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, My Pillow guy Mike Lindell, and just-elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (whom Trump pressured by phone the next afternoon as the Capitol was being breached to delay the counting of the electoral votes). The meeting was held at Trump’s “private residence” in the Trump International Hotel between the White House and the Capitol. An attendee at the meeting, Txtwire CEO Daniel Beck, posted on Facebook that at the meeting they discussed “what to expect on the hill [the Capitol] tomorrow”. Trump may have joined the meeting by speakerphone. Was the final planning for the Insurrection done at this meeting?

The next day, the Proud Boys did not attend the “Stop the Steal” Rally, but separately arrived as a group at the Capitol just as the first attendees at the Rally were arriving, from the Ellipse, as is shown clearly by the BBC video presentation. They approached the West Side of the Capitol, where the Inauguration ceremony would be held, climbed the scaffolding, and were the first to breach the Capitol’s windows and doors at about 2:11pm.

The 30-40 member strong Oath Keepers, after preparing at a training camp in North Carolina, came in a bus and a vehicle carrying their weapons to D.C. for the January 6 Insurrection. After meeting with Roger Stone that morning outside the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, they walked to the rally, watched the beginning of Trump’s speech, and then peeled off to dress in full combat gear and proceeded to the East Front of the Capitol, where they broke through the Capitol Police lines and forced their way into the Capitol at its East Front at about 2:26pm. The QAnon crowd also joined in this effort here.


It is my belief that Stone and Flynn were Trump’s consiglieries charged directly by him with staging the Insurrection to prevent the electoral votes from being counted to elect Biden as President, and to find VP Pence and Speaker Pelosi at the Capitol and kill them. At the same time, Trump would urge his MAGA followers at the “Stop the Steal” Rally to “peacefully and patriotically” march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol to protest the counting of the electoral votes. Trump thought that saying this phrase once during his speech would protect him from any direct involvement in the Insurrection.

The BBC documentary stated that about 90% of those who entered the Capitol building had no idea what to do once they got there; they thought that they were following their President’s orders to “stop the steal”. But the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and QAnon leaders were there to carry out Trump’s specific orders as conveyed to them by Stone and Flynn: to overthrow the government of the United States and reclaim the Presidency that Trump knew he had lost.


Fortunately, all the targeted Senators and Congress Members had escaped to safe spaces before Trump’s thugs could find them and kill them.

Ted Vaill