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Let’s chat a little about the IRS “scandal.” First off, the IRS is an agency of the government, not an Obama Administration Czar. True, the President appoints its Chief, and true, the IRS was established to do the bidding of the Secretary of the Treasury (currently Jack Lew).

irs protests

But the law forbids the President and his people from requesting “directly or indirectly, any officer or employee of the Internal Revenue Service to conduct or terminate an audit or other investigation of any particular taxpayer with respect to the tax liability of such taxpayer.”

The prohibition against the President coming down extra heavy on any particular group would, I suspect, include that little extra-special something the IRS decided to bestow upon the Tea Party when scrutinizing its 501(c)(4) statuses.

But leaving that aside for the moment, because hell, nobody likes the IRS anyway, when it comes to the tea partyliterally weeping over its persecution . . . well, karma’s a bitch, my friends. And the tea party is now getting bitch-slapped.

So what’s the tea party’s big beef with the IRS? Well, they whine, the IRS bombarded themwith “relentless paperwork and intrusive questions” . . . Oh, the irony.

Rolling back to 2009, when the Tea Party emerged as a racist response to our first black president, and decided to try to run this black dude right out of the White House using any means necessary, Tea Party leader Mark Williams admitted that he and his fellow ‘baggers referred to the President as an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief.” The birth certificate search was on – and when the long form birth certificate was produced, the search for fraud was on.

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“Obama, release your medical records,” demanded the Tea Party. "Obama, release your college records.” The tea party demanded the President’s law school records and attorney disciplinary records (which, in Illinois, for anyone not a dumbshit, are public record, right there on the ARDC website).

The tea party scrutinized President Obama’s friends, his pastor, his family, his associations at Harvard. They accused President Obama of being a driving force behind ACORN – and, led by tea party crazy person Glenn Beck, persecuted ACORN right out of the business of attempting to include disenfranchised voters in the political system. If he wasn’t being accused of being a Kenyan, he was being accused of being Indonesian or British or part of Al-Qaeda – anything but a U.S. citizen with the birthright to be president.

The tea party made much of President Obama feasting on dog meat in Indonesia (fearing, no doubt, that their tender flesh was next), members of their group promoted vulgar and blatant racism against the President, tried to tie him to every corruption scandal in Chicago (of which there are always many), and tried to float the rumor that the President is gay (which, being teabaggers, is almost the worst insult they could think of).

Because the tea party is full of ignorant, uneducated, sheeple, most of whom have never had an original thought, they now and will forever fail to see the irony in now weeping over their alleged persecution”at the hands of the IRS.

julie driscoll

The IRS is the “scandal” that wasn’t, and the tea party is the “influential” group that isn’t – lay the teabaggers end to end, these days, they might fill a park in Rhode Island. But still, the din of the tea party’s cries of injustice is nearly deafening – almost as deafening as the din of liberals laughing their asses off.

Julie Driscoll
Smoking Hot Politics

Tuesday, 3 June 2013