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We Don't Have to Pull the Covers Off Trump, His crimes were open and so must be his prosecution.

There is absolutely no reason that trump should ride into the sunset without looking over his shoulder. And when he does, he should see a horde of elected officials, prosecutors and attorneys climbing all over him. It’s time to prosecute trump - by all means necessary.

The election of trump in 2016, following the administration of Barack Obama, was a signal for a dangerous and dark period ahead for the country. The trump administration brought in a wrecking ball, smashing anything that got in his autocratic way. For many white folks, this was just fine because grump promised to make their America truly great again.

His immunity as a sitting president should no longer afford him protection from his lawlessness.

The velocity of lies coming from this so-called world leader was jarring. These were frontal assaults on the truth when the facts were clear and established. Whether it was stating that Obama was not a U.S. citizen or that the election was stolen, the rapidity and ease of lying was nothing short of psychopathy.

The sad and dangerous part about this is that his faithful followers believed every single syllable. And still do. When trump minimized the threat of the COVID-19 and did not respond accordingly, he was directly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. This is not just my opinion but the opinion of many epidemiologists and other medical scientists. I just took it a step further and called for the president to be criminally charged with conspiracy to murder.

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Beyond the calculated 30,573 bold-faced lies, there were very few days when trump didn’t flaunt his moral bankruptcy and corrupt politics in our faces. The first impeachment did little to slow his insatiable appetite for attention and power.

The trump family used the presidency to brazenly advance their business dealings. There were countless conflicts of interests from forcing people to use his hotels and resorts to pay-to-play schemes. The slimy corporations lined trump’s pockets so they could line up at the public trough. The trumps and the kushners must be held accountable for all of their unscrupulous businesses dealings. Appropriate taxes must be paid. Voters, the court systems and the financial institutions must make that house of trump fall - and fall hard.

Every tool at our disposal must be used to make an example out of this administration so that others who have any ideas about a repeat performance will be more fearful of the consequences than of the fleeting benefits of their actions. It is critical that trump’s legacy of destruction be fully documented and condemned. The fact that he’s going down in history as the only president to be impeached twice was our duty as defenders of democracy.

This narcissistic man leaves a trail of shameless destruction that will take years and billions of dollars to repair. His immunity as a sitting president should no longer afford him protection from his lawlessness. Every criminal, civil and constitutional book should be thrown at him now.

the pandemic

This country will never heal from the wounds trump has inflicted on this country until he is held fully accountable for every single abomination. He must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law for every law that’s broken. Let’s get that jail cell ready.

Jamala Rogers

The Black Commentator