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After loading up the DNC nominations with Bernie haters (Podesta: “Where would you stick the knife in?”), paid lobbyists (Dewey’s Maria Cardona, Blue Cross’s Danielle Gray, etc.) and installing a Trump bank board loaner (Barney Frank) along with a strategist on Michael Bloomberg's payroll to run the convention, Tom Perez lifted another middle finger to the base of the Democratic Party when he decreed billionaire Michael Bloomberg, school privatizer, teacher union foe, could skip onto the debate stage with zero grassroots financial support and but with maybe one delegate from Iowa or New Hampshire.

Tom Perez Resign

Tom Perez doesn’t need no stinking rules.

Seriously, what he needs is an escort into a back room or maybe a front room where those who care about the survival of an opposition party to defeat Donald Trump demand # TomPerezResign

Seriously, what he needs is an escort into a back room or maybe a front room where those who care about the survival of an opposition party to defeat Donald Trump demand # TomPerezResign .

Is there anyone with eyes open who thinks Perez is going to run a democratic Democratic Party convention?

Yeah, I got a bridge to sell you, too.

Despite Perez’s minute late dollar short denials, rumors abound he wants to overturn the rule prohibiting automatic delegates from voting on the first round of balloting, thus allowing 700 supers or autos, at Perez’s arm-twisting request, to vote to derail popular Bernie Sanders, now surging in New Hampshire, Texas and California while beating Trump nationally by seven points (LA Times), raising over 50 million dollars and putting a million energized volunteers on the ground.

If you’re reading the DNC tea leaves, Perez is not only gunning for Bernie & thousands of his supporters who will stream into Milwaukee to bear witness to anticipated DNC corruption, but also Joe Biden, who Perez seemingly prefers to kick back to the Delaware curb, shooing away the bankruptcy bill backer (Hello, debt slaves) with a dismissive hand to usher in a former NYC “Stop and Frisk” Mayor who penned in anti-war protesters, prohibiting them from marching in 2003 to stop the impending Iraq War invasion, then a year later applauded when his police force caged anti-war demonstrators in a toxic hell hole during the 2004 GOP convention in NYC. (See video of Topanga’s Veterans for Peace member Kathleen Hernandez, describing her experience being caged under Bloomberg’s watch: My Movie - Small (3))

If I were Joe Biden, well, I wouldn’t be –I marched against the Iraq War. I didn’t vote for it or parade a score of militarists before my Senate Foreign Relations Committee to back Bush. But, let’s pretend I am a repentant evolved Joe Biden, what would I do? I’d pull the lever of anyone who ever owed me anything to demand # TomPerezResign

Anointing Bloomberg, a billionaire privatizer with zero grassroots support, will not motivate the 90 million nonvoters who stayed home in 2016.

Crowning a man whose record screams of terrorizing African Americans with random police searches will not bring out people of color.

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If you’re mad as hell, you’re not the only one. Check out the comments on Tom Perez’s twitter feed.

Perez's twitter feed 720

Not pretty.

Calls to Action:

  • Work like mad (and you are) to campaign for Bernie Sanders, so that Bernie walks into the DNC Convention July 13-16th in Milwaukee with at least 2, 270 delegates, a clear majority of the pledged and automatic delegates.
  • Insist E-Board reps, DNC members & party leaders demand #TomPerezResign because he has no credibility with the party’s base.
  • Insist DNC leadership replace paid lobbyists, Bernie haters and Bloomberg’s top strategist (Alex Rooker) as nominees slated to govern the convention.
  • Call, tweet, email your union reps and contacts in Organized Labor to ask them to withhold $$$ from the DNC until Perez resigns or, at the very least, replaces his most egregious nominees with real progressives.
  • Call or otherwise contact every member of #Milwaukee2020, the city’s convention host committee, to alert them to how Perez plans to embarrass their city with an acrimonious convention (shades of Chicago ’68) sure to enrage the grassroots. Make sure you touch base with co-host Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett ( or (414) 286-2221).
  • Sign up to join the Yellow Vests for Bernie Sanders on fb and commit to traveling to Milwaukee to bear witness should Bernie Sanders have a clear majority of pledged delegates going into the convention but be denied the nomination by automatic delegates.

Never give up, never surrender #2020! # TomPerezResign

Marcy Winograd

Marcy Winograd
Co-Founder Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party