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As we prepare to move into the new year, we'll take a look back at the LA Progressive top five articles for 2014. According to Google Analytics, these LA Progressive articles were the most widely read and shared throughout the year. Tune in today, on our LA Progressive Live! show to hear us discuss these particular articles and the possible reasons for their popularity. This is a call-in show so you're welcomed to join the conversation. The in-studio phone number is 323.473.3100.

Here are the top 5 articles:

#1 Judging the Judges. Every two years the people of California have an opportunity to select who they'd like to see on the bench. "Judging the Judges" was the top read article of the year. Tune in and hear why we believe it ranked so high.

#2 More Black Men in Prison than Were Enslaved in 1850. This was the second most read article. It was written 3 years ago -- yet for the past three years it has consistently ranked among the most popular. The article was written by Dick Price the evening after he met Michelle Alexander. Tune in to hear more about this today at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

Top Five Articles for 2014

#3 The Statue of Liberty Wears Chains and Shackles. A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the chains on the Statue of Liberty after learning about them while listening to a talk given by Dr. Joy DeGruy. This follow-up article got more attention than the first. I'll share my views on this and more in the live streaming video that will be viewable in the uppoer right side of this page beginning at 3:00 pm Pacific Time - Monday, December 29th.

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Recommended Articles

#4 Police Manhunt and Race. Looking at several recent manhunts, former LAPD Seargeant Cheryl Dorsey discussed the ways in which white armed suspects are apprehended and contrasts their arrests with the shootings of unarmed black people. This was the fourth most read article of the year and it's no surprise considering the sustained efforts to get the point across that #BlackLivesMatter. We'll discuss this and more today. We hope you'll tune-in and also call-in at 323-473-3100.

#5 The Sterling Shuffle: Unpacking White Jewish Racism. Easily ranking as one of our most controversial articles of the year, author and scholar Sikivu Hutchinson's piece came in as the 5th most read of the year. Sparked by the LA Clippers/Donald Sterling kerfuffle, Dr. Hutchinson's analysis got a lot of attention.

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We'll also discuss the "Five Big Questions from 2014" that Dick put together.

LA Progressive Live!! is the live streaming version of the LA Progressive. As we embark upon another year of progressive viewpoints we'd like to say Thank You to everyone who has supported the show and publication.

Happy Holidays!

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LA Progressive