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Seventy-five years ago Thursday, America and Great Britain mustered their combined military might in Normandy to start the liberation of Nazi-occupied France.

Help Brits Give Trump the Blimp

It's hands-across-the-sea time again.

Some Brits need our help to relaunch the Trump Baby blimp. "If we hit our £30k target on behalf of six groups fighting far-right politics by 3rd June, then the following day Trump Baby will fly during Trump's first UK state visit. Simple!" says a fund-raising email.

"Not a penny will go towards the cost of flying Trump Baby again - all funds being raised will support charitable groups," the email explains.

The British groups are UK Student Climate NetworkJawaab and Sisters UncutMoney will also go to Sunrise MovementUnited We Dream and Planned Parenthood on this side of the pond.

The blimp first soared when Trump visited Britain in 2018. "It's almost like he didn't get the message the first time round," the email says, describing the president as "the orange arch-bully of Mar-a-Lago."

Next week's trip will be Trump's first state visit. He and First Lady Melania Trump have been invited to break bread with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The First Couple will get a carriage ride, to boot. "Buck Pal [Buckingham Palace] must be stocking up on Big Macs as we speak," the email says.

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Let's just say things didn't go so well for Donald last time round, as Trump Baby spread round the globe like a climate change fuelled wildfire

Not surprisingly, the inaugural flight of the blimp, which depicts Trump as a spoiled crybaby in diapers ["nappies" on the other side of the pond], peeved the president. The blimp has proportionately tiny hands, one clutching a replica of the Tweeter-in-Chief's cell phone.

The blimp flew beyond Britain, even in the U.S. "Let's just say things didn't go so well for Donald last time round, as Trump Baby spread round the globe like a climate change fuelled wildfire - publicly torching his fragile ego before sending him packing with two fingers firmly raised," the email says. (It's a one-fingered salute in London, Ky., and elsewhere in the old colonies.)

The email admits that "though demonstrably hilarious, flying a 20ft high bright orange inflatable isn't going to change the world all on its own, and it's the most vulnerable communities that have constantly been in the firing line of his hyped up hate."

Help Brits Give Trump the Blimp

But the organization decided that donating to the "groups across North America and the UK [that] have been pushing back against the politics of hate and division that that are represented by Trump" is a good way to make a difference.

The email ended with a caveat: "Note: while we are working to ensure Trump Baby is permitted to fly again, this ultimately remains at the discretion of authorities. Should they unexpectedly deny permission, all money raised will still be donated onwards to the grass roots organisations listed above."

Anyway, I chipped in to help get Trump Baby airborne last year. I gave again just now.

[dc]“T[/dc]he point of this is to mock Donald Trump, to give him a taste of his medicine," said Matt Bonner, the blimp designer and “Trump babysitter,” told Reuters.


Berry Craig