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Trump Exits Iran Deal

…Is That He Does Not Know What He Does Not Know

Trumputin just announced his withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Treaty, contrary to every other civilized country in the world (except Israel, currently run by a criminal who uses Iran to terrorize Israeli citizens into continuing to support him).

Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Obama Administration, recently stated the above headline to this article: that Trump "doesn't know what he doesn't know". By this, she meant that Trumputin (as I call him) is so limited in his knowledge of world affairs, while so sure of his own gut instincts, that he acts irrationally without understanding the facts and conclusions that led experts to conclude the opposite of what Trumputin decides to do.

Is this Trumputin's Sudetenland, his effort to challenge the world order by concocting a rationale to give the rest of the world a big F*** You?

Is this Trumputin's Sudetenland, his effort to challenge the world order by concocting a rationale to give the rest of the world a big F*** You? "I am President of the most powerful country in the world, and I can do anything I decide to do. Go f*** yourself if you don't like it." His new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, led the United States into starting the Iraq War, with the strong support of Vice President Dick Cheney, using false, "trumped up" information to justify it. Is he at it again?

What Makes Trumputin Act Like This?

Trumputin's background is Germanic, not Swedish, as he and his father liked to claim, in order to lease Brooklyn tenement buildings they owned to Jewish tenants after the previous world wars were started by Germans. The family name was Drumpf, changed to "Trump" after his grandfather emigrated to the U.S. in the 1890s and earned his fortune by running brothels in Seattle and the Klondike during the Gold Rush.

Friedrich Drumpf returned to Germany with his ill-gotten gains and found a German wife; when the Kaiser wanted to draft him into the German Army, he stated that he was now an American citizen. Thus the Kaiser kicked him out of Germany, and he left with his new wife, now pregnant with their son, Fred, who was born in Queens in 1905.

Friedrich died in the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, and his wife and young Fred used the brothel money to buy real estate in Queens and Brooklyn over the next 40 years, further enriching themselves. Donald was born in 1946, and showed his bullying instincts as early as second grade, when he supposedly attacked his teacher.

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Banished to military school as a teenager, he grew up to be a slightly fat, tall young man who continued his bullying tactics, supported in these efforts by the military school culture he became part of. Not a great student, he attended Fordham University in the Bronx for two years, but somehow parlayed this into admission to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Did his father buy his way in, or use his political contacts to get young Donnie a transfer?

Trumputin's two years at Wharton were not spent as a graduate MBA student, but as an undergraduate. He claims to have graduated first in his class, but many of the top students in Wharton's Class of 1968 do not remember him at all; he was not part of any of the study groups that the top Wharton students participated in. Most likely, he returned to New York City every weekend to party with his friends. If he in fact graduated, it was probably near the bottom of his class.

Faced with the Vietnam War draft, he got the family doctor to find "bone spurs" in his feet, which got him out of the draft in the late 1960s (at the same time, I was drafted, became an officer in Navy JAG, and spent several years overseas and briefly in Vietnam). When he got a high draft number in 1970, his bone spurs suddenly disappeared.

Thereafter, after getting a million dollar loan from his father, he started building the Trump empire, in Manhattan and around the world, not in Queens and Brooklyn. When he got in financial trouble in the 1990s, and again during the financial meltdown of the past decade, he turned to Russian money to prop up his empire, and ran for President in 2016 with the help of Putin and his Russian operatives.

What's Next?

The American Revolution is almost 250 years old, since it began on Lexington Green on April 19, 1775 (my ancestor, Lt. Pelatiah Everett, was there and may have fired the first shot), and today's decision by Trumputin regarding Iran may foretell the beginning of its end. China on one side, and England, France and Germany on the other, may take America's place as the leading countries in the world, as Trumputin starts to drain the United States of its leading role in fostering world peace.

New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now on his way to North Korea to prepare for the upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un to try to finally pacify the Korean peninsula. Question: why would the North Korean dictator even agree to hold a meeting with Trumputin, who has just demonstrated that he does not honor international treaties? What would happen if Kim Jong Un decided to detain Pompeo in a North Korean prison until he receives assurances that Trumputin would honor any agreement he signed?

I wear a T-shirt emblazoned with the statement "It's Mueller Time", a play on the beer commercial. But it is time for Mueller to take action now - Trumputin and his warmonger national security advisor, John Bolton, are plotting to create a new Reichstag fire, which would allow Trumputin to severely cut back on American civil liberties as the fire did for Hitler in January, 1933. As my articles last year in LAProgressive showed, it only took Hitler 19 months to turn Germany into a Nazi dictatorship (see "Trumputin: Fascist in Training", February 13, 2017 and " Heil Trumputin!!!?", August 17, 2017).

And we should not forget that Hitler's campaign campaign slogan in the German elections was "Make Germany Great Again"…

ted vaill

Ted Vaill