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Trump Got His Wall

Lance Simmens: Trumpism will surely be remembered in history as the epitome of self-interest, selfishness, a triumph of material goods over caring for others

Donald Trump has succeeded in building his wall. Oh, it is not the half-assed efforts he promotes at the Southern border, rather in keeping with the magnificently mismanaged coronavirus pandemic crisis that will go down in history as the most colossal domestic genocide in Western civilization, it is the virtual wall that now surrounds a once proud country that no longer commands either respect or admiration anywhere on the globe. The wall that Trump and his administration of incompetent misfits have created serves exactly the opposite purpose intended, like virtually every other misguided and spectacularly failed policy, domestic and international, that has seeped out of the brainless skull that is attached to the wretched obese carcass that is Donald J. Trump.

trump got his wall

The Virtual Wall that he has so clumsily and tragically erected is successful only in the respect: it accomplishes the exact opposite that was intended. Instead of building an edifice dedicated to keeping people out, his cowardice in the face of the pandemic is a monument to the imprisonment of a nation’s citizens that are no longer welcomed in nations that have steadfastly faced the challenges of the crisis and fear that America and Americans can only put those valiant efforts in jeopardy. So regardless of the economic impact that Americans can contribute to other countries, their American dollars simply cannot compensate for the disastrous impacts the presence of their infected bodies can inflict upon nations that truly care more about the health of their citizens than the wealth of their economies.

Trumpism will surely be remembered in history as the epitome of self-interest, selfishness, a triumph of material goods over caring for others

Trumpism will surely be remembered in history as the epitome of self-interest, selfishness, a triumph of material goods over caring for others, a cult of reckless capitalism that superseded social progress, demonization of empathy, public acceptance of racism and bigotry, unprecedented corruption and social injustice, and the abject failure of a political system to act in the best interests of the nation and its citizens. Whether we can recover from this assault on democracy remains an open question at this point, but we are severely damaged and as a loose confederation of 50 nation states now poised to erect conditions and barriers limiting full and free access between certain jurisdictions we are witnessing dissolution of the foundational precepts laid out by the founding fathers and reinforced by Lincoln’s determination keep us a house undivided.

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There is no other way to say this, but the President is so hopelessly out of touch that he has become the Covid-19 biggest booster. While the virus is a ruthless killer, Trump and his strategy of benign neglect is a willing accomplice to the crimes that are spreading across the nation. Neither he nor his court jesters are either capable or courageous enough to level with the American people.

As the pandemic numbers spiral out of control and the President pursues a sinister strategy of defying both common sense and scientific facts as if engaged in a game of thrones fight to the death scene where the combatants are those most vulnerable in our society, both our physical and mental health will continue to deteriorate, the cities and towns of America will cope with increasing numbers of deaths, and oh yes that precious commodity, the thing that is really all that matters as the sacred tenet of Trumpism, the economy, will crumble. The rest of the civilized world is right to not want to welcome Americans who carry, even if unwillingly, the potentially deadly infection into their homes.

This is the horrendous legacy of Trump and Trumpism: people are expendable. Trump constantly refers to people as warriors, as if they are pawns in a chess game where the supreme commander is constantly changing the rules of the game to suit his whimsical conception of reality. If this is winning, I am both sick of it and reject it. If losing is characterized by empathy, truth and sacrifice I would rather be on the losing end of whatever it is that substitutes for decision-making in that scatterbrain trust of evil and diabolical individuals who prop up this horrible administration.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by recent poll results suggesting that as the pandemic indicators go higher Trump’s numbers fall precipitously. We have been here before, we must continue to put the pressure on every day until Trump and Trumpism is defeated. It is also vitally and critically important to ensure that Democrats secure control of the Senate, which will mean that there is a sound retribution to those who blindly follow the fool on his quest for immortality. We must lacerate this infectious sore on democracy before he takes us down with him. I refuse to surrender to the ineptitude, incompetence, insincerity, insidiousness, and incontinence of this beastly apparition that has captured and holds hostage the soul of our existence. We will not let you win.


Lance Simmens