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Trump Has Franz Kafka Spinning

And more Americans are going to theirs.

All of us are beyond believing it can't get worse, or more tragically absurd. But it does. Relentlessly.

Somebody needs to buy a billboard to adapt the three-monkey "hear no, see no, speak no" carving to three Trumps. At least Dubya fit animated simian imagery as "Curious George." Okay, Trump does move. His thumbs. It's how you can tell he's lying. But does demonstrably incurious Oblivious Trump care about anything beyond troweling his orange makeup and leaving equal-sized pink eye holes? And accomplishing that daily feat between when Fox & Friends finishes and making his tee time? And being an intransigent maskhole because wearing one would smear his makeup?

Does demonstrably incurious Oblivious Trump care about anything beyond troweling his orange makeup and leaving equal-sized pink eye holes?

In addition to whatever portion of the 127,000-and-counting dead Americans who should still be with us—if a national plan were in place on par with every European nation struck with Coronavirus -- now we learn he's running a cover-up on behalf of the GRU, after three years of denigrating the US intelligence community.
"DOD Statement attributable to Chief Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman [Monday evening, 8:44 pm EDT]:

'The Department of Defense continues to evaluate intelligence that Russian GRU operatives were engaged in malign activity against United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan. To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports. Regardless, we always take the safety and security of our forces in Afghanistan — and around the world — most seriously and therefore continuously adopt measures to prevent harm from potential threats.'"

And yet... US officials briefed UK officials about the GRU paying bounties to kill US and UK soldiers. Wait. When there was "no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations" it was still worth briefing the UK. But if Orange Sgt. Schultz—who might better now be characterized as Agolf Twitler—is to be believed, it was not worth briefing the president or vice president.

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Former National Security Advisor (and guy who never misses a chance to advocate launching a retaliatory military action) John Bolton has said he, personally, briefed President Donald Trump on Russia paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers. And he says he did it back in March of 2019. Too bad he didn't tell that to the House or Senate in January, when it could have been stopped.

Of course it isn't only Americans who are dying because the leader of the free world is actively abdicating that role. While the diversion, distraction, obfuscation, clutter, noise, transference, denials, bearing false witness, and assorted paranoid ramblings and Trumpertantrums may capture the bulk of the non-covid news cycle in America, they do more. It all serves as a great smoke screen for others to get away with their own atrocities.

As in, meanwhile, mister "Nobody is tougher on Ghina than me" has been woefully, and perhaps willingly, oblivious to Beijing reasserting its old hard-line authoritarianism and officially extending it where they specifically agreed they would not. We're not referring to the Chinese military base on the manufactured island, placed to control international waters in the middle of the ocean—though we could be.

No, we're citing how the attic bookcases of officially-approved literature will be slid aside and Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement will vanish into the concentration camps along with the Uighurs. Because that's where refuseniks and malcontents and others who must have mental disorders go. Until the bodies are carried out, beneath the Work Makes You Free signs, to the unmarked graves. To disappear with the guy who stood in front of the tank—and his fellow Tiananmen Square protesters. Whispered about, by some who pass by a field where nothing grows, until new construction rises over the bones at microwave oven speed to glorify the Communist Party.

Not that they have a monopoly on selective exclusion and glorification of an official narrative. I had a pro-Trumper tell me two weeks ago that he supports the Orange Imbecile because his hero "is the only one who has ever been tough on China and he is rebuilding our neglected military."

Franz Kafka is spinning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken.

This was intended to end with that line. It can't. Whether or not bitter sarcasm registers with you, circumstances require shifting to a deadly serious consideration: to think about what's going on in the homes that have lost an American member of the armed services in these endless wars, and specifically, in Afghanistan. And to the dignity afforded those dead as they go to their graves. For that essential perspective, let's turn not to a stop-the-war advocate, and not to a prominent voice of opposition from the Democratic Party, but to longtime Republican political strategist Steve Schmidt. Because the most powerful, most thoughtful, most moving thing you'll experience all week are these words from him, right here.


Larry Wines