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Yesterday, I celebrated Joe Biden’s victory. Today, I am concerned about President Trump’s refusal to concede the election. As an attorney, I’m angry about the President’s misuse of the court, and I’m sober about his prospects of winning before a lopsided Supreme Court. Trump is still trying to overthrow democracy.

We must take what President Trump says seriously. He is not a child having a temper tantrum. He is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, and he’s telling us what he plans to do.

Administration officials and Republican leaders have confirmed there will be no transfer of power. On Friday, November 13, Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump Administration is planning to stay in power for another four years. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” Trump’s Trade Advisor, Peter Navarro, said that the White House is operating under the assumption that Trump will serve a second term. This is no joke. We should take these statements seriously.

I’m angry about the President’s misuse of the court, and I’m sober about his prospects of winning before a lopsided Supreme Court.

Trump is planning to say in power. He continues to disseminate disinformation questioning the legitimacy of the election. He plans to appeal to the Supreme Court in the expectation that it will rule in his favor. He has purged the defense department and replaced them with loyalists in preparation for the use of military force.

This was his strategy all along. That’s why he spread disinformation about mail-in-ballots. He committed to contesting every ballot if the election didn’t go his way. He refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. I remember his words during the first debate: “This will not end well.”

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President Trump is amplifying false claims about the election to cast doubt on the results to set up court challenges and to rile-up his base. His supporters are marching on Washington to protest the election. We must resist Trump’s attempt to overturn the results. We must reject the overthrow of our democracy whether by the Supreme Court, the use of state electors, or by military force.

I’m not saying Trump will succeed. What I’m saying is Trump is still trying to steal the election. If Trump appeals anything to the Supreme Court, he will have a chance of winning.

The Supreme Court is not an unbiased institution. It handed George W. Bush the presidency on a party-line vote. The Republicans have a decisive 6-3 majority on the court, three of whom are Trump appointees. Trump has already made clear he wants the Supreme Court to decide this election.

If he doesn’t get the Court to overturn the election, he will try to get Republican electors to overturn the result. Whether these fail or succeed, he’s purged the defense department to make way for the use of military force against the American people. His refusal to concede, the statements of Administration officials and Republican leaders, and the Administration’s refusal to begin the process of transferring power present a real threat to our democracy.

We cannot rely on Trump and the Republican leadership to peacefully transfer power. We cannot rely on the military or the police to protect the American people. We cannot rely on the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution or to protect democracy. We must fight for democracy and defend the Constitution ourselves!

the election

We must reject Trump’s attempts to overturn the results. We must resist his abuse of the Court. We must make clear that we will not accept any decision or action that overturns the will of the American people. We must demand that Trump Administration begin the process of transferring power now!

Rich Procida