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Most people agree that America just does not work for us anymore. It doesn’t matter who the “us” is. The MAGAs and conservatives have their reasons and the rest of us have ours. Is this going to change anytime soon? No. How many more generations need to work for change knowing things are not going to change enough in their lifetime? What if we could live in a country where we don’t have to deal with the MAGA mindset at all? No McConnell, McCarthy, MTG or Ted Cruz? No Oath Keepers, Proud Boys or the KKK? There is a way.

We split this country in two.

This nation has never been so divided since the Civil War. We are, for all intents and purposes, two nations anyway. Why do we keep playing by rules that have not served but a select few? We’ve all been conditioned to stay and fight, to struggle to bring about justice and equity. Past generations have endured unspeakable suffering so that future generations could enjoy freedoms they could not. They had no choice in their time, but we are living in an age where we no longer need to live within a system that was designed to exploit targeted members of its society for the benefit of a the few. Those days are over. There really is no real benefit for us to endure something we should not have to. We should not have to fight for something that is inalienable. End of story.

Our nation began with the notion that free white men had all the rights and privileges. That is the starting point of the US.

The starting point for any nation ought to be consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and its two covenants. Our constitution is not. Our nation began with the notion that free white men had all the rights and privileges. That is the starting point of the US. No matter what the make up of the SCOTUS, it is limited to interpreting a constitution that institutionalized discrimination. How can we reach equity when the cards are so fundamentally stacked against the aspirations written into the UDHR? The United Nations, reeling from the horrors of WWII, adopted this document written largely by Eleanor Roosevelt and ratified in 1948. The first two paragraphs of this document state:

“Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,”

Part of the motivation of the UDHR was to set a universal standard for human rights. The UN clearly attempted to address the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world possessed the technology that changed the nature of war. It also addressed the Holocaust and other violations of basic human rights by warring nations. Yet, in the post war United States, African Americans couldn’t stay in hotels, eat in restaurants or drink from water fountains as in White America. The US hypocritically forces our standard of human rights on nations throughout the world, yet we fail to live up to those standards ourselves.

When confronted by the inequities and injustice in our society, too many Americans take the attitude that while things are not perfect, we are all working toward equality and justice. Changes take time. Even liberals and Democrats make excuses for the injustices in our nation and defend America as the best hope for achieving these goals someday… Rubbish! There is a reason why it took over 100 years to abolish legal slavery. There is a reason why it took 144 years before women could vote. There is a reason why in our 245-year history, basic human rights have been ignored and discrimination is legally and legislatively protected. It is intentional.

These days, the Republican strategy is to retake the House and Senate by staying with the Trumpian view of the universe. The scary thing is that there are enough people who believe in that universe, that we will likely have a difficult time taking enough votes to have a clear majority. Even with a Democratic administration and a slim majority in the House, the Republicans are controlling too much of the narrative. The only people being criminally charged for the Jan 6th insurrection are the misguided followers of a morally bankrupt narrative that swept the nation throughout the Trump presidency; those at the top, Trump, Cruz and many others will go unpunished. Voter suppression laws are passing in too many states and the Supreme Court is way too right leaning to provide any buffers against extreme policies and laws being developed and implemented in red states across the nation. Is this the country you want to be part of?

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MAGAs and like-minded people continue to claim that they are losing their rights as Americans. What exactly is their grievance? They blame everyone for their fate. They are the only ones denying White privilege. They are no longer allowed to freely discriminate or spew hate speech. Our world is changing, and they are being left behind. They hate us and this country so much, that they would surely jump at the opportunity of establishing their own nation.

They can call their country White America (WA). They need not make false pretenses or hide their perspectives at all. They can use the confederate flag and keep their confederate statues. If you want to live there; you abide by their rules. They will try to implement all their gun toting, low tax, small government fantasies with no subsidized healthcare and they will implode from their notion of a free society. They can create whatever laws they want, and they can keep the Constitution and all things “American.”

Just to spite them, maybe we can call our country Non-White America or NWA, even if the irony would likely be lost on the MAGAs. In our newly formed county, we will have no longer maintain the US Constitution or Declaration of Independence as those documents only serve a specific group of people. Our constitution, at least for the time being, should be the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its two covenants. If we create our own, it should be based on that document anyway.

In NWA, history will show that the Indigenous Peoples who lived on this land for tens of thousands of years were invaded by White men wanting to establish their own nation. We will teach our children history the way it happened, rather than the version approved, and pushed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. We will learn about women like Jeannette Rankin, who was the first woman elected to congress one year before women gained the right to vote and the only member to vote against WWI and WWII. Children will learn of Admiral Grace Hopper, “Amazing Grace,” who is the mother of COBOL who first coined the term “bug” that is still used today to refer to malfunctions in computers. Native Indigenous history will be a large part of the academic curriculum. All the contributions of people who have been kept out of the history books will be taught. Women and non-White contributions will be taught in our new nation. Currently, the US may be owned by the few, mostly White, wealthy class but it was built by people of color and our education will reflect this in NWA.

The global population of White people numbers less than 12%. In NWA, people of color will naturally be the dominant group and White privilege will not carry as it does now. Will it be perfect? No. However, it will truly be the “great experiment” which starts out with the notion of equality and equity being fundamental to the survival of this newly formed nation. That gives our trajectory a leg up from the US where equality was only intended for a select few.

Would it really be bad if we leave the current US? If you look at polls ranging from Axios, Gallup, Pew and others, one thing becomes clear, if we split this nation up, each country will likely have over 100 million people making clear choices on where they would like to live. Splitting the US will also impact global racism. Our current foreign policy reinforces our White nationalist policies globally. White nations receive equal treatment while countries of color continue to be under the control of the White nations. The racist, xenophobic types will eventually cease to exist. Until that time, the rest of us don’t have to suffer at their hands.

We’ve tried so many different approaches to police reform but at the end of the day, in fact the very next day, after the George Floyd verdict, an unarmed African American youth was gunned down by police. Latinos continue to be killed by police. Violence against Asian Americans continue, not from police brutality, but from seemingly ordinary people. Do we really need to take one step forward and two steps back in our quest for equity?

At this point in history, we no longer need to live like this. White colonial, imperial ruling class traditions no longer need to be followed. We have options. The Trump years taught us a valuable lesson; what we once considered normal is no longer. Trump lowered the bar so much that some politicians no longer need to respect the rule of law. Hate speech, inciting riots and promoting a White supremist agenda no longer has consequences as it should…but did it ever?

This nation was forged by White men who saw no future for themselves in Europe. They really did attempt to form a more perfect union for themselves. The formation of NWA would be a logical evolution to move beyond a Eurocentric imperial paradigm in a savage survival of the fittest mentality where the winner is already picked. As humanity evolves, we have an obligation to expand the work of those who came before us. We know better.

How many generations will it take before the change we seek becomes reality? America operates exactly how it is supposed to operate. The economic disparity, poverty, militarized police forces and most things we progressives strongly oppose are all intentional. The system here is designed to produce these results. How can a government or a society be considered just, if they intentionally fail to recognize the inalienable rights of its citizens?

asian americans

We may have outlived our usefulness as a nation. It may just be the right time to secede because all indications are that no matter what approach we take, it will always be a compromise as long as we continue our existence as the United States of America. Just a thought, stay tuned for how we can accomplish this…

Taro O'Sullivan