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Wade Kyle for ADEM 66

Wade Kyle will represent the 66th AD as an ADEM if elected. The in-person elections for this district will be at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, 3350 Civic Center Drive

There is a special election currently underway at the California Democratic Party of California. This election will determine who will represent assembly districts as ADEMs for the party. ADEM stands for Assembly District Election Meeting. These are elected representatives who are elected by fellow Democrats from within their own assembly district. The ADEMs are elected to make decisions on behalf of the constituents within their assembly districts. 

The Vote-By-Mail ADEM ballots were mailed out on January 6th. Democrats who asked for a vote by mail ballot should receive one in the mail over the next few days. They can then drop their ballot off at any in-person voting location or mail their ballot to:

California Democratic Party

℅ Redstone Print and Mail

910 Riverside Pkwy Ste 40

West Sacramento, Ca 95605-1510

To find out where to vote in your district, go to:

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Each Democrat may elect up to 14 candidates.  The slate shown below is the slate Wade Kyle is running on for the 66th ADEM. 

ADEMs Slate for Assembly 66

ADEMs Slate for Assembly 66

As a reminder, if you registered to vote in-person, there will be at least one ADEM location in each Assembly District. All locations should be open for 4 hours, opening to the public no earlier than 10 a.m. but no later than 2 p.m. At the in-person voting location in your specific Assembly District, voters may access their voting PIN and a ballot and cast your vote. 

To learn more about this, go to:

You can also send an email to adem@cadem.or

The LA Progressive is urging progressives to engage in the process as much as they are able. This is a particularly crucial period. The Democratic Party can be pushed to do the bidding of the people but not if we don't participate.

Let's work together to get the things we want and deserve.  Fundamentals that many less wealthy countries insure are available to their people -- universal health-care, affordable childcare, quality public education, affordable housing, clean air and water and more.