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During the reign of Boris Yeltsin as the head of Russia in the 1990s, I managed to get hold of a secret transcript of a private, “Tete-a-Tete” 1989 meeting of then-President George H.W. Bush and Soviet Premier Gorbachev. They spoke without anyone else present, except translators, but surprise! a complete transcript of the private meeting was found in the top secret Kremlin files that Yeltsin, who hated his Soviet predecessors, made available to an associate of mine.

What Trump and Putin Discussed in Private

Bush and Gorbachev, talking like college buddies, dumped on Fidel Castro and other world leaders, as they could only do in a supposedly “private” conversation. Apparently Gorbachev was wired for the “tete-a-tete” meeting, and a transcript was made of their conversation, which was later translated into English, and found its way to my friend, and to me.

This past week, our Dear Leader and the current Russian Thug-Leader Vlad Putin had a similar “tete-a-tete” in Helsinki, which lasted for 2.5 hours with only translators present. I have obtained a transcript of that private meeting, given to me by that same very well connected friend, and I set forth parts of it below...

Putin-Trump Tete-a-Tete:

As soon as they were alone, except for their interpreters, Putin pulled his chair up close to Trump, face to face, motioning the two interpreters away. Speaking good English, and looking directly into Trump’s bloodshot blue eyes with his own pale blue, narrow, hooded eyes, Putin snarled at Trump:

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You do what I want or I will disclose to the world how we did it, and your very active role in what we did. You hear me?

“Donald, I want you to listen very carefully. We both know that I got you elected President of the United States. If I had not sent Manafort to you, you never would have been nominated, and if I had not hacked into the DNC’s and Hillary’s emails, and altered the vote count in the states you selected, you would never have been elected. You do what I want or I will disclose to the world how we did it, and your very active role in what we did. You hear me?”

Trump, his head down, ashamed and scared, nodded.

Putin poked his finger into Trump’s flabby chest. “I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you will not do anything that I don’t like as long as you are America’s President, and that if I ask you to do something, you will do it. We are going to be doing some very controversial things soon, and I need your support, or at least not your opposition, is that clear?”

Trump, head down again, nodded.

Putin raised his voice. “I want your word that you understand and agree with all I just said.” Putin pokes Trump again. Trump looks up and says weakly, his eyes very wide and scared, “I...I understand and agree.”

Putin smiles, and says in a friendlier tone, “Fine. Now let’s discuss the rest of our Tete-a-Tete agenda”, motioning at the interpreters to come closer.

Ted Vaill