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FINALLY! We have found an issue on which both rightwing, corporate Republicans and pseudo progressive leftists can agree – That a single, sincere moral principle is sufficient to sweep aside any other moral considerations, in political decision-making. Not surprisingly, this principle centers on sex.

where moral purity takes us

For Republicans, the “moral principle” is opposition to abortion. Republican’s respect the First Amendment, and each person’s right to their own religious beliefs, to a point. But the Bible is clear: abortion is wrong, and must never be allowed, even if some non-biblical religion believes that it should be OK. The First Amendment may be wonderful in its proper interpretation. But proper interpretation does not allow the free expression of belief in abortion.

Neither does the Constitutional concept of due process apply. If anyone is so perverted as to perform abortions, or even merely to have been accused of performing them, it is entirely right and proper for any true Biblical believer to kill the monster, without conviction, without trial, without charges ever being filed. Simply shoot them in the back and have done with it, except for the necessary step of mopping up their crime by also killing nurses, lab workers and even security guards where ever such monstrous abortion providers are found.

It is important to remember that this is a matter of moral purity. Just as good Christians are permitted to attack evil abortion providers where they find them, it is equally important to defend those who work to make abortion illegal, whatever else they may do wrong. NO, this is not about Roy Moore. Sure, Roy Moore likes to sexually assault little girls. But long before Republicans made anti-abortionist Roy Moore their moral champion, we had the Hyde Amendment, designed to defund abortion clinics.

The Hyde Amendment was conceived as a fundraising tool by Henry Hyde. Henry Hyde was a Republican Party leader until his death in 2007. While Henry Hyde led the Republican effort to impeach Bill Clinton for a blowjob, he was conducting a long affair with a married woman. During the Savings & Loan crisis, he and some cronies looted $67 MILLION from the Clyde Federal Savings & Loan. Setting an example for Blake Farenthold, Hyde had the U.S. taxpayers cover the $67 MILLION when the scandal broke. It took an actual act of Congress to protect Henry Hyde from any liability. Finally, Henry Hyde, while supporting the anti-abortion movement on “moral grounds,” praised Oliver North and other Iran-Contra actors for lying under oath, on the theory that any lie is OK, so long as it profits some war profiteer, somewhere.

All of Henry Hyde’s indiscretions and actual crimes were fine with Republicans, since such moral failings should be swept away by his anti-abortion stance that represented a higher moral principle. This is moral relativism in all its Fundagelical religious glory. Any misdeed may be forgiven if there is an underlying moral purity to the actor’s soul.

Now, a decade after Henry Hyde was called home to Satan, moral purity has raised its head on the “progressive left”. In a mirror image of Republicans excusing any misdeed by someone who adhered to a moral principle, we are being told that no good deeds can be accepted, tolerated, even acknowledged, if they were done by a man who did not hold himself to the strictest moral purity in dealing with women.

This is about sexual abuse. Let us be clear: Sexual abuse by anyone of anyone else, is wrong. It was wrong, in 411 B.C. when Aristophanes commented on it in Lysistrata; It was wrong when Jesus condemned those who wanted to stone an “immoral” woman; It was wrong when Pope Joan sat on the Papal throne in the 9th century; It was wrong when Aurore Dupin had to become “George Sand” to pursue a writing career in the mid-18th century; It was wrong when David Ben-Gurion labeled Golda Meir “the best man in the [Israeli] government;” and, It was wrong when John Conyers and Al Franken grabbed women in positions of less power than they had.

Just as any misdeed by a Republican man is overlooked or excused if he says that he opposes abortion, any good deed by a Democrat or liberal or progressive is condemned or denied, if he is accused of sexual abuse.

Sex abuse has become the anti-abortion of the left. It is now a moral absolute, and a moral test for all men. Just as any misdeed by a Republican man is overlooked or excused if he says that he opposes abortion, any good deed by a Democrat or liberal or progressive is condemned or denied, if he is accused of sexual abuse. We are told that it is necessary, and preferable, to have Roy Moore in the Senate than the evil sexual abuser Al Franken. We are told that it is important that we ferret out and remove anyone who opposes the Ryan/McConnell/Trump tax bill, if anyone has made an accusation of sexual abuse against them.

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The sin of sexual abuse is so serious, that for the progressive left, as with abortion and the alt-white, any notion of Constitutional due process must be set aside. To be accused is to be guilty – with no need to examine the accusations or hear anything from the accused, other than “I’m guilty.” There is no place for apologies. Every liberal who has said that he now sees that how he acted decades ago should have been unacceptable even then, is told that his apology is insincere and rejected. There is no rehabilitation after sexual abuse.

Let’s play this out. We need to excise from our society all record of, and all mention of, anything done by sexual abusers, lest people think that there is any possibility that any of their work was ever acceptable. Let us look at just a few cases of evil, abusive men whose entire body of work must be condemned and removed from society.

Since he reached one of the highest offices in our nation, let us start with that serial philanderer, Thurgood Marshall. He was a powerful, important attorney, running a law firm that handled cases of national importance. He was revered by many. That made it easier for him to impose himself on the clerks, secretaries and typists in his office. He was a sexual abuser, using his power to coerce women who depended on his favor for jobs. ALL of his work was tainted and should be rejected. The Gorsuch/Roberts Court should reverse Brown v. Board of Education, discarding it to the trash bin of history, since it was planned, engineered, litigated and won by a sexual abuser. All the cases in which he saved thousands of black men from death sentences mean nothing, and should be reversed. Let’s go back and hang those defendants who still survive because they were defended by a monster sexual abuser.

For the same reasons, let every library everywhere burn every copy 1963’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, in its collection. That letter condemns its own author, when it says, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Written by serial sexual abuser Martin Luther King, Jr., there can be no excuse for pretending that the letter has any moral value. Let us erase every videotape and burn every film of that evil monster’s “I have a dream” speech, delivered to a crowd of unsuspecting victims who were unaware of his complete moral degradation.

We will need to sanitize our libraries and classrooms of the works of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and even Mort Saul. No amount of informative, stimulating social commentary can be allowed to survive sexual misconduct. Perhaps the clearest example of this is the sex monster Bill Cosby. From the ‘60s through the ‘80s, he kept people laughing while he presented black men as competent, caring, able to fill professions, athletic, problem solving without violence. He reached into the homes and hearts of people who had been demonstrators against integration.

And it was all a fraud. NONE of that work has any meaning, now that we know that he was abusing women over whom he had power throughout his career. There is no balancing on this test of moral purity. He is simply a monster, who never taught us anything, who never got an honest laugh. Who, we now know, was never funny.

Bill Cosby is even worse than other sexual abusers, since he has mounted a vigorous defense against accusations. He has insisted that he, as a man accused, has due process rights, and the right to confront his accusers. How evil can one man be? Due process and fair trials are for murderers and burglars, and generals who try to sell the U.S. government to foreign dictators. It isn’t for men who grope women, or give them date rape drugs, or who say bad things to or about women.

We must stay morally pure, even as Republicans say that sexual abuse of teen girls just models what god did with teenage Mary. We must drive from government those who would resist the Donald, if they stand accused of sex crimes.

We will end up with men like Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions appointed to lifetime judicial offices. We will see an end to all environmental laws. We will have our tax dollars handed to corporations for nothing. We will ‘enjoy’ the expansion of voter suppression laws and the rebirth of Jim Crow.

But we will be able to pat ourselves on the back and remind each other that we remained morally pure. That we drove out evil men like Al Franken, and men who marched in Selma and built a new world of human rights. We will be morally pure. Just as pure as any Southern Baptist Evangelical Roy Moore supporter.

Tom Hall

Tom Hall