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Some stories of courage and self-sacrifice are so inspirational that it softens the hardest of hearts and Williams is one such story.

Sixteen year old William Rodda, born and brought up in Brisbane, Australia comes from a family who owns huge properties across the state. William since the beginning has had a passion for music and acting apart from topping in academics in high school. He loves playing his guitar, spending time on computer and watching animated movies, when not doing these he can be found babysitting the neighbourhood kids. He has always been a step ahead from how teenagers are or behave, always having that sense of responsibility which was always held in high esteem by his family and people close to him. At such a young age he was entrusted upon to look after and manage the family’s properties. There was a life saving incident which took place recently which is worth a mention while we speak about William.

One evening during one of his visits to the family owned 170 acre property, while walking in between the horses he saw a huge smoke cloud emerging from a newly constructed structure located a few metres away from where he was. On reaching the spot he realized that the building had caught fire and was waiting to turn into a major disaster. William was quick enough to respond by calling his family and fire control authorities. As he waited watching the flames go wild, he heard loud shrieks of a mother whose one year old child was trapped inside the burning inferno. The fire brigade would have taken more time to arrive and a little delay would have proved fatal for the child’s life. “I quickly jumped into the blazing corridors to find the trapped toddler whose cries were clearly heard, as I went ahead pushing aside the burning planks I saw the child and quickly grabbed him to run out of the place safely” says William. His on time action proved to be a life saving boon for the trapped child.

Williams’s act of courage has been well appreciated and applauded by all. Such unusual traits are hard to find in young people and William surely is an exceptional soul, many would surely agree to this. Here’s wishing him all luck in all his future endeavours.

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