Why the Right, GOP, Some Dems Fear Elizabeth Warren and Occupy

elizabeth warrenOn the issues of fairness in finance, economics and consumerism, Elizabeth Warren and the Occupy Wall Street movement speak for the majority of Americans. This terrifies the right, frightens the Republicans, and worries a few Democrats who like that money from the 1 percent.

In my column this week, Karl Rove’s Grand Slam,” I suggested liberals and Democrats can attack the abuses most recently seen in the JPMorgan trading losses and the Facebook IPO fiasco and attack the Supreme Court travesty in Citizens United, while also raising money from wealthy liberals and Democrats until Citizens United is overturned.

The right and the Republicans fear Occupy Wall Street and Elizabeth Warren because they know, and the numbers prove it, that a majority of voters agree with them about eliminating financial abuses that plague so many Americans. And yes, there are even some Democrats who do not speak for the majority of Democrats nationally (I do), who want the money so much they will even defend Mitt Romney on Bain Capital.

For those who want 30 percent rates on your credit cards and mortages that are unfair, feel free to oppose Elizabeth Warren and OWS. For those who want to pay your banks higher fees and get ripped off investing in IPOs, go ahead and support Scott Brown, the Tea Party and Nikki Haley, who is now in some hot water in South Carolina.

Brent BudowskyFor those who like firing workers to make a fast buck, be my guest and stand with Mitt Romney. For those who want to demean and fire teachers, make my day; heap your praise on Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

You bet the right and the Republicans are terrified of Elizabeth Warren and afraid of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So are a few Democrats, which is their problem, not mine.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Saturday, 2 June 2012


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    I found zero intellectual content and the law he worked on did not stop me from being outed in a combat zone.

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       If this disjointed comment made any sense , some people might support you , right now you sound a bit addled in the head . -Nate

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