General Shinseki Has a Dream

End Veteran HomelessnessLet’s begin a JFK moon-shot program to end homelessness among American veterans within five years, and end homelessness of any American within 10 years.

The ambitious goal of ending the plight of our homeless heroes within five years was originally proposed by Gen. Eric Shinseki, the Veterans Affairs secretary under President Obama.

Shinseki is absolutely right. A national mobilization to achieve his dream would be supported by tens of millions of men and women of faith in houses of worship throughout the nation, and tens of millions of men and women of patriotism and duty who serve our nation as veterans and members of military families.

The challenge of ending homelessness among vets will take government action at the federal, state and local levels.

Government cannot do this alone. It will take ideas from both political parties and the kind of major community outreach and patriotic partnership championed by first lady Michelle Obama. Let’s mobilize private companies, faith-based groups, veterans and concerned citizens in all communities.

What better cause to unite the president and Congress! Democrats and Republicans. Liberals and conservatives. Government, private companies and individual Americans who believe more than ever, after the tragic events of recent days, that we must find ways to come together on matters of common purpose.

The winners of this challenge we should join together to wage are not only the homeless heroes we support.

Politicians from both parties will win public support from a grateful nation ready to march together for a common purpose.

Private companies that join this cause will win admiration from tens of millions of customers who care. Hollywood stars and studios that lift our national spirit as they have so many times before will find a huge audience for their generosity and good will.

Public-relations firms, advertising agencies and lobbyists that enlist their clients to this cause will reap rewards of thanks from members of the executive branch, both parties in Congress, public officials at all levels of government and tens of millions of customers and voters.

Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and all network, cable and satellite television companies would reach large audiences and generate great good will by donating public service time to those helping homeless heroes, and supporting original programming of high interest to vast numbers of viewers who care about them.

Brent BudowskyI write these words as we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, honor the 50th anniversary of the inaugural address of President Kennedy, recall the farewell address of President Eisenhower and prepare to honor President Reagan a century after his birth.

What better cause to honor them all than a promise that five years from now, no American who has worn the uniform of our country will be homeless anywhere in this land that we love, which they served.

Fifty years ago President Kennedy challenged Americans to ask what we can do for our country. He said that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own. With this standard for America, let’s come together for the homeless heroes who defended America.

Brent Bukowsky

The Hill


  1. Ryder says

    Ahhhh, no

    This kind of thing has been tried a thousand times, and NEVER works, for increasingly obvious reasons.

    Am I the only person that learns from history?

    Public housing… DISASTER! Murderous cesspools… horrific ways to live. Government pushed home ownership for those that normally couldn’t afford it? MAJOR disaster! Economic meltdown of the housing market.

    Government, yet again, is the problem. They need to STOP PREVENTING housing of all kinds from being produced. Currently, GOVERNMENT writes volumes of code regulating precisely how houses are to be made, and by what materials. Where did they get this power?

    Innovation in housing… from yurts to “tiny homes” to tee-pees and a thousand other variations of ways to live are PREVENTED by government because they aren’t considered “standard”.

    Stop going, endlessly, without success, to government to solve problems. They are the most incapable, wasteful, vision-less people on the face of the planet.

    Open your eyes.

  2. Brian Zwart says

    lol… yeah in with the new rich and out with the old rich. repeating history again? It is indeed a big and mad enough world to believe you can end homelessness in every nook and cranny of it.

  3. Nancy, Ojai says

    Los Angeles has an empty medical center (the old LAC+USC General Hospital) that could possibly be converted into housing for homeless vets and families. There were actually 1000 beds in this facility; conversion would yield even more because of usage of the public areas (auditorium, emergency room space, red blanket room, offices, etc.).
    I’m sure there are other existing buildings in LA County that need new tenants. Why build new when buildings are already there?

  4. DC Matthews says

    So- how do we submit proposals directly?
    Having been personally failed by several failing VA programs
    and getting into housing anyway-
    I know both the problems and the solutions intimately.

  5. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    Finally a proposal that makes sense. Whenever you do something this big over a period of time, the results are better and can be sustained no matter if the economy is weak or strong. Now, if someone would have realized that during the Healthcare debate, we would all be a lot better off. But everyone wanted to put 30 million on the rolls at once. It should have been spread out over a period of time to let the healthcare system adapt. What we will now be facing is rationing because we simply don’t have enough people (drs, nurses, techs etc) to take care of everyone. The bill was poorly thought out and will be a disaster in implementation.

    I am happy to see there are still responsible people out there with grand proposals that make sense.

  6. Alan8 says

    10 years?! Why not tax the rich and do it in ONE YEAR!

    Of course the two corporate parties funded by the wealthy through their corporations would never do this, unless they saw “their” votes going to a non-corporate party, like the Green Party.


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