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  1. The situations sound quite different. But they may share a common basis, the desire to curry favor with influential people. The LAPD (whether the chief or the department) wants to control the press or influence stories in its own benefit. The Trump White House very effectively controls the press for its own benefit.

    Mr. Rall may have been libeled by the L.A. Times and/or wrongfully terminated (two entirely different legal issues). He may be a victim of libel or he may simply be a “public figure” who’s public opinions (cartoons) are subject to all manner of false statements in response. That’s part of why the Donald can’t sue the N.Y. Times – he’s a public figure who has to suffer the “slings and arrows” that attend his status. Maybe Ted Rall should feel proud to be in that equivalency with a U.S. president (but probably less so with THIS particular U.S. president)!

    The whole nation suffers from a law that permits media companies and Internet Service Providers to escape any liability for maligning people with whom they disagree, or of whom they are scared. Yahoo!, owned by Verizon(?) has an entire department to target people, using fabricated “screen names.” You may think for yourself whether that telecommunications giant (also home to AOL and other services) targets noisemakers on the left or on the right.

  2. Two very different situations I think. The NY Times piece was newsworthy precisely because it came from a senior administration official. The piece told us something that we didn’t know – that even insiders knew Trump was bat shit crazy.

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