Eulogy for the Left

The Presidency of Barack Obama has done more to undermine the Left than any Republican sitting in the Oval Office. I believe that this was the reason that this particular Democrat was chosen by the people that hold the real power in America. Now that he is in power and he has demonstrated his willingness to use military force to achieve the goals that his handlers set for him, it’s fairly easy to connect the dots.

The old maxim that hindsight is 20/20 while foresight is practically blind fits well in this example. Let me illustrate how I believe Obama has manipulated the system to the point where the political Left is for all intents and purposes, a dead political entity. The only thing left at this point is to hold the funeral and send flowers. You can call this article the eulogy for the Left.

George Bush’s presidency was a disaster for moderate Republicans. If there are any liberal Republicans left in this country, I’m sure that they will agree with me. The act of speaking up in a group of Republicans and bringing up issues with a liberal spin on them is just about tantamount to committing political suicide. To illustrate this, one only has to think back on the vote in the South Carolina legislature to censure Sen. Lindsay Graham. Anything that remotely sounds liberal is anathema to most Republicans. In my view the Republican Party has become the conservative party. I doubt that anyone would disagree with me.

This state of affairs left the Democrats ready to pounce upon any Republicans who had the unfortunate experience of being liberal or centrist in a party controlled by right-wing conservatives. It seemed as if the GOP was no longer a “big tent” party that was ready to embrace those of all persuasions as long they adhered to the basic tenants of the party:

  • support of State’s Rights,
  • support of a smaller Federal government,
  • support less governmental interference in people’s lives and support of less government regulation of business.

The Republican Party became the party of anti-abortion, anti gay and lesbian rights, pro-military spending and a strong executive branch that needed very little Congressional oversight in matters of war and military aid to those considered “allies”. There is so much more that I could add to this but to keep this short, I’ll stop here.

Then came the 2008 elections. It had become clear to most people that the Republican Party was facing a Democratic landslide that would render the party virtually useless at least for the next two years. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened. But instead of the “Progressives” getting themselves a “Liberal”, they got themselves a man who was more glib than Bush, but stood for the same things. Quite a kick in the ass, wouldn’t you say?

No, we have a government that the Conservatives call leftist/liberal while essentially it’s a party very right of center. People that have liberal sentiments are now called “The Fringe Left”. Obama in one sweep eliminated the progressive left in terms of a movement.

It’s going to take much work to repudiate Obama and his policies and not seem like Bolsheviks. We need to call the Administration out on every unnecessary war (was there really, honestly a “necessary “one?) That’s purposed and the further reductions in our civil liberties, the corporatization of the internet and the corporately owned Federal Government.

There is not much time to stop the damage that Obama has caused to the Left. We need to differentiate ourselves from the Democratic mindset. They have shown themselves to be no better, maybe worse than the neo-cons before them.

I’ll repeat this, unless you can wake the sheeple before it’s too late, we can just say a goodbye prayer for the Left in America.

By Timothy V. Gatto

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  1. says

    Timothy, the Left is not dead it is smoldering underground and not yet sufficiently organized.

    The “Democratic” Party has always been the “liberal” wing of the Capitalist Party, the equivalent to the Social Democrats in Europe, the Capitalist Party in favor of abortions for gay couples.

    Not withstanding the ancient gains made by Organized Labor, the Democratic Party over the years has shown its true colors of co-opting the true “Left” with its campaigns of accomodation to the Capitalist elite and its poll driven drift to the “Center”/”Right”

    The Progressive Democrats of America have rejected Obama’s politics, his militaristic succession of Bush policies, particularly vehemently. We are waiting for the PDA to abandon the phony liberal agenda and help take the lead in organizing the Socialist/Green/Cooperative Communitarians that are largely unspoken for, effectively oppressed, and unrecognized.

    It is interesting that 49% of Massachusetts voters are registered as Independent. That shows a great amount of dissatisfaction with the Liberal and Conservative Wings of the Capitalist Party. Another interesting statistic would be how many of the potential registered voters are not registered to vote. I bet it would be substantial, in Massachusetts as elsewhere, especially among the young and middle-aged.

    A question that comes to mind, is how many of those “Independents” lean towards Socialism. Can you register as a “Socialist” in Massachusetts? I registered as a “Socialist” in Oregon, but it was not recognized. The confirmation of my registration came back, Party: “Other”.

    Coakley’s defeat was not a Eulogy for “the Left”, but a Eulogy for the Democratic Party. As the reactionary “Conservatives” choose to live in the past upholding the supposed virtues of a bunch of Aristocratic Privateers and Genocidal Maniacs, by calling their splintering, “The Tea Party”, it is a laughable eulogy for the GOP as well, and for the always corrupt and now ultimately corrupted US Government.

    There is probably no reforming over 400 years of Feudalistic/Capitalistic ecocidal, genocidal, colonialist, imperialist, suicidal momentum, but it is time for a rise of a true “Left”, the recognition of our true place in History, a recognition of the overshoot of a fossil fuel supplied irrational gluttonous “culture”, and a time to put the arguments for an evolution to a rational, inclusive, equitable, wellness oriented, sustainable economic democracy to the forefront. In other words, it is time that the US and their Corporatist Imperialist allies yielded to the will and interests of the majority of the world population. It is time for a true “Left” to emerge.


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