Cuéntame: Facebooking Teabagger Bigots

Facebook pages aren’t just for social networking.

They can promote social justice, too, according to Axel Caballero and Ofelia Yañez of Los Angeles. They’re battling anti-Latino “Tea Party racism and violence” on Cuéntame, their Facebook page.

“Both Ofelia and I have seen with great sadness and frustration how Tea Partiers have unjustly and unfairly targeted the Latino community to further their political agenda,” Caballero wrote in an email from the Culver City, California-based Brave New Foundation.

Cuéntame is a project of the foundation, which uses media to promote “an open democratic society that encourages rigorous debate, opportunity and justice for all.”

Cuéntame’s “latest campaign exposing Tea Party racism has hit a nerve, not only within the Latino community but also with many folks across the country who “are also sick of “…all the hatred, the violence and the bigotry peddled by Teabaggers,” Caballero added.

The campaign features videos that can be viewed online here.

Caballero’s email also explained that Cuéntame is a Facebook community of “users where Latinos and the general public can connect and interact with fellow Facebook fans, activists, artists, bloggers, public figures, musicians, journalists and other community members.”

“Cuéntame” has a double meaning in Spanish, according to Caballero: “‘Count me in,’ and ‘Tell me your story.’”

The email from Caballero also said that “From calling Mexicans ‘filthy, stinking animals,’ to listening the likes of Tom Tancredo and Sarah Palin deliver hateful speech after hateful speech, to the increased use of violence in their words and actions, Teabaggers have come out in full force against our community.”

Berry Craig


  1. Paul McDermott says

    Calling themselves “teabaggers” is ludicrous! The original Boston Tea Party stood against taxation without representation, whereas these clowns and racists spit and hurl scurrilous epithets at our duly elected representatives. They have no appreciation for civil discourse but rather violence and verbal abuse. They are largely fascist and racist brownshirts and should be calling themselves the “scumbaggers” instead.

  2. Ro Ro says

    Who cares? The more attention you give it the more credit you give them. The only thing a person of Mexican descent or descent from any country south of the US can do is do what they do best and that’s kick tail at what ever they do. Show with act not with talk.


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