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    This alleged plot is an utterly laughable focus for holding Iran ‘accountable’, even if the plot were utterly and undoubtedly real. So once again, Porter exposes for us a mass of operationally irrelevant details.

    The present regime has been at war with the USA for 30 years; it has sponsored terror abroad, repression at home – including religious intolerance – and has supported killing missions against American troops and allies repeatedly in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon – for starters – not to mention that it’s present ‘Defense Minister’ was given that position for having engineered the Buenos Aires Jewish center bombings. Iran supports hardline fanatic Moslem supremacy thugocracies like Hezbollah and Hamas. So long as Iran is free to do so – one big reason being that the Obama administration has not even given lip service to regime change in Iran and barely did so in regard Iran’s most solid ally, Syria – there will be no peace in Israel-Palestine, or for that matter in many other places in the Mideast.

    As usual for the Obama administration, getting ‘tough’ and ‘accountable’ with Iran now means entering a few more names on the list to which ‘sanctions’ will theoretically apply.

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