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Sport news UK: just the officialization was missing, it arrived over night: with a statement appeared on the club's social profiles, Chelsea announced the change of ownership, from Roman Abramovich to the US consortium led by Todd Boehly, for a record amount, which it is around five billion euros.

After the signatures on the contract, there is now only the approval from the Premier League and the British government, a purely formal step, to ratify the exit of the Russian oligarch, forced to sell after being subjected to harsh economic sanctions in the UK.

The best known face of the new ownership is that of Boehly, former co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball franchise and founder of Eldridge Industries. Alongside him - as the largest shareholder - is the US private equity firm Clearlake Capital, as well as other minor shareholders, such as the other owner of the Dodgers Mark Walter, the Swiss billionaire Hansjoerg Wyss and the British real estate developer Jonathan. Goldstein. Thus ends, late at night, the Abramovich era, who had bought Chelsea almost two decades ago, transforming them into one of the most successful clubs on the planet: since his arrival at Stamford Bridge the Blues have won everything, including two Champions League , five Premier League titles, two Europa Leagues, two Fa Cups and a world club title.

In recent days, the rumor had spread that the takeover could have encountered obstacles, since the Russian tycoon, contrary to what was initially promised, would have demanded payment of the personal loan, approximately 1.6 billion, granted to the club over the course of the years. Abramovich himself, however, in a note released on Thursday, had denied the news, reiterating his commitment to donate the entire proceeds of the sale to a charity that takes care of the victims of the war conflict in Ukraine. That war that cost him his beloved club, since Abramovich - after the Russian invasion of Ukraine - was considered by the British authorities to be an oligarch functional to the Putinian regime, and for this reason subjected to sanctions that froze all his assets owned in the Kingdom, forcing him to sell Chelsea, for a record figure in the field of acquisitions of sports franchises.

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Compared to the 5 billion euros paid for the Blues, the 2.11 billion paid in August 2019 by the Taiwanese tycoon Joseph Tsai, the co-founder of Alibaba, to acquire full control of the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA seem almost to disappear , or the 2.4 billion paid by businessman Steven A. Cohen to buy baseball's New York Mets. But now Chelsea will 'beat', doubling them, the record figures of US sport.

The new American property

News of the deal was confirmed by the club in a statement. The value of the operation is equal to 4.25 billion pounds, about 5 billion euros. Chelsea Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for a new ownership consortium - led by Todd Boehly, Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter and Hansjoerg Wyss - to acquire the club. The sale should end at the end of May, subject to all necessary regulatory approvals ”. The purchase of the club will cost the new owners 2.5 billion pounds and another 1.75 billion will be allocated to the renovation of the stadium - the historic Stamford Bridge, which has a capacity of over 41,000 seats and is expected to be expanded -, to upgrade the stadium. women's and academy team and support from the Chelsea Foundation. Among the commitments of the new property there should also be what the British media have renamed the anti-Glazer clause, the American family that owns Manchester United, for which the new owners of Chelsea will not be able to distribute dividends or sell shares or hold paid operational roles for the first ten years of their management. All conditions imposed by the government of Boris Johnson.

In the past twenty years Chelsea have accumulated victories on the field by raising the Champions League in 2021 and winning the world club championship in 2022, but also in the red for over 900 million pounds. Abramovich then from the very beginning has funded the club with loans, rather than providing capital. A sum that in 2021 was equal to 1.5 billion pounds. However, the Russian oligarch confirmed that he would not have demanded the repayment of the credits. In fact, some British media in recent days had leaked his intention to renounce this promise to complicate the procedure of the sale. For which now it will only be necessary to wait for the authorizations (at this point discounted) from the English government and the Premier League.