Ferguson Civil Unrest: The Long View

Ferguson Protests 350What is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t about a police department. It isn’t about a racist, incompetent (former) police chief. Unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was not murdered by Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson, because Wilson is a bad a person (though he is). Ferguson is not an isolated town or an isolated incident. Black people are being murdered all over the US. Everyone’s rights are being violated all over the US.

Ferguson is a microcosm of the system of institutional nationwide oppression that has been bought by corporate America. The militarization of the police is part of that oppression. Racism is part of that oppression. The Koch brothers who own Koch Industries the second wealthiest privately owned company in the US want you to shut up and sit down and let them steal from this country.

Beating you is part of preparing you to be OK with being exploited.

If all you ask for is to not be beaten imagine the power the wealthy can have? If all you want is the police to be nice to you, you’re a fool.

I will never be part of any organization that’s focus is solely the cops, because the cops aren’t the root of the problem. Who the cops work for are the problem.

The wealthy like the Koch brothers use their money to rewrite laws, buy elections and push pro-business policies. The Koch brothers have poured over 196 million in to dozens of free market organizations like ALEC.

teka-lark flemingIn order to stop the freefall our country is in, we need to start looking at the long term game. We need to stop being pawns in the spin of publicists who don’t give a damn about us. The big game matters too.

This is a partial posting of a longer piece written by Teka Lark-Fleming and published in Morningside Park Chronicle. To read more in the Morningside Park Chronicle, please click here.

Teka-Lark Fleming

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