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When the Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple (DAPLwanker) issued an eviction notice to the residents at Standing Rock campgrounds he just didn’t know what he was doing. He wanted us to leave during a harsh winter weather event that would surely have caused serious damage and possibly loss of life.

Water Protectors

Standing Rock: We're Not Leaving—John L. Walthen

The roads were treacherous due to icing and blowing snow. Drifts several feet thick covered Hwy 1806, which runs past the campgrounds. The road has been closed by Morton County Sheriff for several weeks after a confrontation with water protectors who wanted to hold a prayer ceremony there for people that had been injured and or arrested in an earlier event.

I found it quite telling about the sheriff's safety concerns to find the road leading to the confrontation site on the DAPL side of the bridge was manicured and well cleared of ice and snow for them. It was all together different on the other side where icy conditions made traveling dangerous. But travel they did.

People were angered by the lack of compassion shown by the governor and law enforcement so the came anyway. The camp has grown again in support of the newly energized water protectors who have vowed to never leave until the government does what’s right. Stop DAPL.

After the wind died down I ventured out to capture the scenes of an ever dynamic family of people living in a postcard beautiful place.

We will not leave regardless of how many eviction notices Governor DAPLwanker sends out. We will get supplies regardless of how many prejudice storeowners will not sell to us. There are many people from around the country who are bringing it to us.


John L. Walthen
The Standing Rock Water Protectors

Water Protectors

Oceti Sakowin Camp


George Eaglehawk "I will be here till the end"


Sicangu Camp (Rosebud)

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