Slapping the Poor Just for the Hell of It

food stamp program cutsThe bluebirds of happiness are chirping away in our nation’s treetops, for America is now in the fifth year of economic recovery, with stock prices at record highs, corporate profits soaring, and employment is even ticking upwards.

But wait, what’s this? Down below the treetops, down at the grassroots, poverty persists and is spreading. Also, income disparity is worsening as middle-class workers are pushed into lower-wage jobs and poor people are pushed out entirely. Far from happiness, joblessness among our lowest-income families is now the worst on record, topping 21 percent.

The plight of the poor is so dramatic that even Republican leaders in the US House have noticed them and are reaching out with open hands – unfortunately, not to help lift up the needy, but to slap them in the face. In a gratuitous act of callousness, the GOP slashed $4 billion-a-year out of the food stamp program, complaining that even though our economy is recovering, more and more people are getting food assistance.

Apparently these congress critters never even visit reality. Hello, boneheads – the program has expanded only because all of the “recovery” benefits went to those at the top, leaving those at ground level reaching desperately for food stamps as a life preserver. In fact, the program lifted about 4 million Americans above the poverty level last year and kept millions more from sinking deeper into destitution. It’s a safety net that’s been working – exactly in the way it’s supposed to.

jim-hightower-175Yet, just for the hell of it, these laissez-fairyland Dickensians added insult to the injury their cuts would cause for millions of America’s hard-hit people. They tacked on a provision to let the meanest of states force the needy families to submit to humiliating drug tests as the price of obtaining food for their families. And House members wonder why their approval rating is in the ditch!

Jim Hightower
America’s #1 Populist


  1. Ryder says

    Wait… this president sent all of the “benefits” to the top?

    Maybe we elected the wrong guy?

    So, we print money in order to create another economic bubble to burst a little ways down the road… record deficits and debt… but you want to expand government spending… expand dependency?

    Haven’t we expanded dependency enough? How many people do we want to be living, unable and unprepared to look after themselves? How many slaves to you want to create?

    • 36XYZ says

      LOL. As useless as Obama has become, the Repugnants have done far more damage. How do you figure that slashing help to the needy wil help them become less dependent? But then, the private prison industry is booming, and after all, that a major win for the new America. Corporations no longer have to outsource jobs overseas ’cause they have prisoners working for cell and board. Slaves, indeed.

      • Ryder says

        There are signs posted at the national parks that emplore visitors to not feed the bears, because they become dependent. If park rangers are smart enough to know how it works, then we ought to be.

        • 36XYZ says

          So, your analogy implies that the poor (bears) should hunt for their own food. You’d better hope they don’t invade your house one day.

          • Ryder says

            NO… THEY had better hope they don’t. It will be a very bad day for them if they do.

            The point is, people, being intelligent, know how to make their way in this world… just as the bears do. Only by corrupting their natural abilities do they lose touch with their true potential… the bear or the human that have forgotten how to get by on their own…. or worse, never learned in the first place.

            Are you really saying that the only way to get by in this world is to violate the rights of others? Baloney.

            • RealLue says

              I really hope you’re not also gonna say that your Christian too. There’s nothing wrong with helping people who are struggling. SNAP or food stamps are designed to provide a social safety net for those who fall on hard times. A job loss in this economy is likely to be a devastating blow for that person and his/her family that most likely depend on that income. And since so much money and so many lobbyists has been thrown at keeping workers down… Way, way down. Collective bargaining has/is being stripped away along with pensions and benefits. A significant amount of what used to be good paying jobs have been shipped over seas where people would be happy to work a lot more hours, with severely reduced health, safety & workers rights regulations and for just a fraction of the pay. There are still jobs to be had. But if you just lost your job that allowed you to become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, you had better hope you get hired somewhere ASAP. Because all it takes is just a year of being out of work and unable to find the same level you’re accustomed to. Even if you submit 50-100 resumes every day of that year, it doesn’t mean you’ll get anything. After that year, you’ll start to hear the phrase long term unemployed. This makes employers hesitant to choose you. A whole year and nobody picked you up, must be something wrong with you is the mentality behind their reason for rejecting you. Good news though, you can take one of the jobs at minimum wage and essentially start climbing the economic latter again, but you havta start at the bottom. If your lucky and they look past you being over-qualified for the position. Now, you’re trying to pay your bills, buy food and gas and raise your family on a minimum wage that was set to account for living expenses 20+ years ago. Way over due for an increase to account for inflation. Social “entitlement” programs aren’t meant for people to sail thru life on easy street. You obviously hav not been amongst the growing unfortunate souls who have needed that help. Those programs give you a fighting chance to climb back up. Taking away that opportunity, any opportunity is fundamentally anti-American. Also, it may seem ok to a sociopath to equate food stamps for the poor to feeding wild bears but to any decent human being, not only is that comparison not ok, it’s also not appropriate for rational debate. N2m, not Christian (although that obviously doesn’t matter to you) and not an equal comparison. Unless of course you’re suggesting that we, as a nation start hunting each other like some version of real life Hunger Games. This would also require that we, de-evolve by re-integrating mankind back into the food chain. I don’t think you’ve really thought any of this thru

              • Ryder says

                The is something wrong with helping the struggling, if you make them dependent on you.

                How many man-children have we created, by parents rescuing their self destructive and foolish youth.. “helping” them into their late 20’s or 30’s?

                Their foolishness in not saving for a rainy day… because they need the latest carbon fiber mountain bike frame… but the something unexpected happens and mom and dad write a check. So it’s not just the “poor”. It’s the struggling… who are struggling because they do stupid things, are the people I’m talking about.

                We have people that look FORWARD to being laid-off… because to them it’s a paid vacation, even though they are carrying credit card debt.

                So how can you be talking about a tough job market, while at the same time US companies are screaming for work visa’s/guest worker programs, and immigration reform because they can’t find the people they need?

                We have millions of illegals working here under the table, and millions of Americans sitting on their butts watching TV, collecting unemployment.

                What’s wrong with this picture?

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