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There is currently slavery and a genocide of over 1,000,000 Uyghurs in China and corporate greed is fueling it. This mistreatment of human beings needs to stop.

I founded my company with the mission to help others because I saw the opportunity to make the world a better place through business and to teach others how you can be wildly successful by looking out for the welfare and good of others first.

It has been a beautiful experience of purpose, goodwill and we have changed lives for the better. In working with the best franchise systems in existence I have also been deeply touched by the goodness of businessowners in America and around the world.

Yet, I must admit, I am absolutely blown away by the greed, lust for money and ability to say and do anything to maximize profit by the biggest and most corrupt businesses in America, large, and multinational businesses that care about nothing but money and power. These companies are traitors to their own nation, the American worker and the very basic truths that every life is equal. Humans deserve dignity, basic decency, rights and love. - Joe Soltis

The American people are a good people. They care about others, are generous, and hardworking. They believe in the rights of others. Yet, thanks to corrupt companies, like NBC, most are kept in the dark about what is going on in China.

NBC is making a fortune off of their exclusive deal to carry the Winter Olympics in Communist China. As a result of their short-term financial incentive, their media coverage of what is happening in China is corrupt. Additionally, they have used Communist Party talking points in their news coverage of the Olympics and built up the Communist Party’s image in many ways, while lying about investing in helping develop other countries around the world. The most egregious act of all, NBC’s hosts raving about fireworks and dance routines, over a million Muslim Uyghurs who lie imprisoned in concentration camps in China’s Xinjiang Providence.

The most egregious act of all, NBC’s hosts raving about fireworks and dance routines, over a million Muslim Uyghurs who lie imprisoned in concentration camps in China’s Xinjiang Providence.

These human beings, many of them children, are starved of all dignity and rights — subjected to murders, rape, torture, labor, and forced sterilization. This is sick. In fact, it is proven to exist, despite countless eye-witness testimonies, U.S. spy satellites are even touted in capturing daily proof of such atrocities. When pressed about the issues, NBC calls these facts ‘allegations’.

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NBC knows that if they hold China’s Communist Party accountable, they will almost immediately loose access to billions in revenue — so they don’t speak the truth and, by default, are complicit in genocide — they are modern-day holocaust deniers. Instead of it being a Nazi holocaust directed at the Jewish people, it’s a Chinese Communist Party holocaust directed at Muslims.

NBC is not alone in participation as organizations like the NBA, Nike, Apple, Cosco, Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Intel, Visa, just to name a few, along with countless others, are all guilty of caring more about short-term profits made off of the backs of the oppressed Chinese people than stopping a modern-day holocaust. China, after all, offers them limitless cheap labor that they can use and abuse, while selling their products to the people of China, granted it is in accordance with the Chinese Communist Party.

While these big businesses want to project a good image at home, in America, to their biggest customer base, in secret they could care less about anything other than themselves. They built huge and successful companies thanks to the freedoms and blessings that America offers, then betrayed the American people and their own country, by taking their jobs and sending them to China, where they can find cheap and forced slave labor to maximize their profits. Ultimately, as a price for the betrayal of their own people, they must only speak highly of the Chinese Communist Party that gives them short-term financial gain — because after all — nothing is more important than themselves.

One of the key things I learned early in business is common sense that isn’t so common to modern-day multinational corporations and a lot of free-trade globalists. One of the most important rules one should know about business is ‘you don’t do business with people you can’t trust’. The Chinese people are a great and hardworking people, yet the Communist Party is an evil transnational criminal organization, and business should not be conducted with them. As time progresses, one has to ask, what will a regime that is willing to murder its own people do to America once we enrich them with our own wealth?

Would you do business with someone who is willing to participate in slavery or genocide? How can you trust someone like that to not turn against you, and in a horrible way, as soon as it’s in their short-term interest to do so? As we enrich the most corrupt regime on the planet, at the expense of basic human rights and the wealth of the middle class in America, we drain wealth from the American people and give it to those willing to kill the innocent for power on a daily basis. It is a devil’s bargain and one guaranteed to hurt us, not just now, but tremendously more in the years to come. What these big businesses are doing is one of the most selfish and short-sited things a business can do.

However, here is the good news: Despite what you may read above, purpose-driven businesses are winning. I am going to be more blunt, in a world looking for purpose and meaning the reality is no one wants to do business with pompous, self-proclaimed elites who only care about themselves. Americans are looking for good and generous companies to do business with that have a superior product to offer. Companies that give back and do the right thing attract loyalty of teammates and customers. That loyalty creates innovation. Loyalty and innovation creates growth. Growth creates power. Power creates influence, and influence creates change.

The business models of the early 20th century where people are seen as “resources” are going away. Think about it, the term ‘Human Resources’ is ridiculous. It is like saying ‘Human Iron Ore’. A human is not a resource to be used, a human is someone created with dignity and rights and is to be honored and cherished. Anything less is unacceptable. The companies that understand and believe in this are the companies that will win. Those willing to trade genocide for advanced short-term profits are the losers of the future. We the people, will make sure of it.

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