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frack is wackJoined by “Gasland” director Josh Fox, environmental activists in LA gathered on May 30 to launch Californians Against Fracking and to deliver a petition with over a 100,000 signatures for banning fracking to Gov. Jerry Brown. His office was closed at 1 pm on a Thursday afternoon, so they went to Atty. General Kamala Harris’s office, where they were told that no one is there to address the concerns of the citizens. We hear from Rose Braz of the Center for Biological Diversity, Josh Fox of “Gasland,” and fracking activists Siena Lorraine and Aura Walker.

Here’s an earlier report from March 23rd

Villaraigosa Fracks Up?

Beyond Coal

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former Vice President Al Gore, and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune gathered at the LA Department of Water and Power to announce that the city would be coal-free by 2025. Apparently it’s an urgent matter. This “press conference” was part of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal initiative, which aims to replace coal with clean energy sources nationwide.  I say “press conference” in quotations because of all the press present– and there was plenty– I was the only journalist to ask a question.

lauren windsorThe city derives 40% of its energy from two out-of-state power plants in Arizona and Utah. During his speech, Villaraigosa said that energy would be replaced with wind, solar, and natural gas. I wanted to know if the city planned to obtain that natural gas through fracking. This controversial method of extracting oil and natural gas from deep in the ground with pressurized water and many carcinogenic chemicals is already happening in LA communities like Baldwin Hills and Culver City. It’s not exactly a clean energy replacement.

Villaraigosa, astoundingly, said no. I followed up with him afterwards to get confirmation of his statement, which he re-affirmed, though qualified with “at that site, no,” referring to the Utah coal plant that will be transitioned to natural gas. Shortly thereafter, I was approached by Mayor Villaraigosa’s press secretary, who offered to have him do a follow-up to clarify his remarks.

Lauren Windsor
Lady Libertine

Friday, 7 June 2013



  1. Dr. TCH says

    Even the inclusion of natural gas might give one pause…as Methane…is much more of a “green house gas” than CO2 is. HONEST!!

  2. primarywatcher says

    Villaraigosa fumbles here considerably – not his polished self, to say the least. And when the reporter stands up in the crowd, notice Gore’s reaction. A sound bite like this makes any Chief of Staff sweat. Pass it around!! And congrats to the reporter!

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