Friday Feedback: A Nondescript “Balanced” Approach


Most Fridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Joe Weinstein, commenting on Robert Reich’s How to Fight Healthcare Fearmongers and Demagogues.”

Here’s Joe’s comment:

“Without … specifics, the right can conjure up every demon in its arsenal while the middle and left can only shrug their shoulders.”

As usual, Reich is on target. It’s no shame to change tactical course and take the advice of someone with brains, like Reich.

Meanwhile, it continues to be demoralizing – for initial and still would-be supporters of this administration – to witness a large elaborate tax-funded presidential apparatus kicking around some lofty slogans and concepts for months, and all the while missing the obvious that finally has to be told from the sidelines by a columnist.

Unhappily this picture has become par for the course for this administration and for its initial and still-would-be supporters like myself.

Overseas we’re simply getting Bush redux – a most unrealistic sort of ‘realism’: macho wars without end, yet utter wimpiness on nukes (the program seems now to be to make the world safe for the nukes of Kim and Khamenei). Our worry is supposed to be that for some Mideast people (but for sure not Darfuris) life is ‘intolerable’ because their annointed terror regimes are not yet getting their way. And no worries about suppressed Iranians, N. Koreans, Zimbabweans, Tibetans and Burmese – it’s simply not ‘realism’ even to look like, let alone actually be, working for new regimes for these people.

And at home, from the likes of Salazar and Vilsack, we get a nondescript ‘balanced’ approach to environmental stresses – kind of like my adolescent son’s diet – half health food, half junk food. A bit of Muir here, a bit of Palin there. Heading for Copehagen on climate, it seems that the main climate policy will amount to a declaration like that of a thousand years ago by the then-king Canute of Denmark (and England) – the temperatures and sea-level are commanded not to advance.

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