Friday Feedback: Crony, the Corporate Clown


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Wayne,  commenting on Carol V. Hamilton’s “Right Wing Sedition.”

Here’s Wayne’s comment:

The real sedition is coming from within the Democratic Party, which is now rapidly becoming the party of Crony the Corporate Clown show. They have bailed on the Republicans for their massive failures and started funneling their corporate cash from their need for greed efforts of the past 20 years to the Demo’s who just can’t seem to get enough. The Fox Fake news and other media horns for the Republicans are the diversion to keep our eyes and anger away from the Blue Dogs who are giving away the store and continuing the downfall of our nation!

Wake up people, the new enemy isn’t the radical loony right, it is the conservative corporate and weak kneed Democrats! They have the power to change our nation and they are blocking it right and left FOR THE MONEY THEY FUNNEL INTO THEIR CAMPAIGN CHESTS!

Money is the destructive force in politics and until this is removed from the campaign game, NOTHING WILL REALLY CHANGE FOR THE PEOPLE!

In the mean time, maybe it’s time for the people of this nation to do what the Iranian’s are doing… hit the streets in peaceful rallies and march for change. For it sure as heck isn’t going to come from waiting around for the politico’s of either party to remove their mouths from the tit of Crony the Corporate Clown!

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