Friday Feedback: Eight Years of Job Declines Under Bush II


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Richard Mathews, updating his own article, “Who Creates Jobs? Democratic Presidents Do!” Richard writes:

UPDATE: With today’s final job numbers for January, we can now close the books on Bush II. After eight years, the number of private-sector jobs saw a net increase of a paltry 159,000. One month later, we were well below where we had been in January, 2001.

To put Bush’s performance in perspective, Clinton had 74 out of 96 months that each beat Bush’s eight-year total (Bush had only 16 such months). Over eight years, Clinton added almost 21 million private-sector jobs.

Imagine where we would be today if 21 million more people had jobs!

Bush II’s numbers come out to an average rate of increase of 0.02% per year, well below the previous record of 0.39% per year set by Bush I. It is also far below the rate of population increase of 0.9% per year. The country added 22 million people while Bush was in office, and we have not created jobs for any of them. This record is dismal compared to the worst Democratic rate since numbers were tracked, Kennedy’s 2.1% per year.

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