Friday Feedback: Enforce Immigration Policy

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by SK, commenting on “Tens of Thousands March in Protest of Arizona’s SB 10704,” by Seth Hoy. SK’s comment:

“I don’t think that this law is American. I think it’s discriminatory,…”

Bull. The AZ law makes no reference to any ethnic group except to say racial profiling is illegal. White people who are illegal immigrants from Canada are held to the same standard. What’s wrong with telling immigrants to follow the law and come here legally, or stop taking resources from legal residents? What IS truly discriminatory are current federal policies that prioritize Mexican citizens over ALL other potential immigrants. We already allow more Mexicans to immigrate here legally compared to immigrants from any other country. Even so, by limiting illegal immigration, we actually are supporting and helping our legal immigrants.

Spanish is the only language that has been forced on English speaking citizens by immigrants (in the form of increased costs for bilingual communication for most government functions, extra teachers to teach kids in Spanish instead of English, and the many other ways we have to pay double for both languages). French Canadian immigrants don’t force us to communicate or teach in French, nor do/did the Irish, Polish or Italians. In fact, no other immigrant group has refused to learn English, in spite of the millions who have come to these shores speaking different languages. Given the amount of resentment this refusal to assimilate is causing, why would anyone want to give voting rights to millions more Hispanic illegal aliens? So they can utilize their power as a voting block to make our government accommodate them with two official languages?

“You’re saying to the cop: ‘Go pick up that day laborer. Don’t worry about that guy committing crimes,’…”

No, the law is saying to AZ cops: “When you arrest someone for a crime and it’s obvious that they are not here legally, verify that with the federal government so we can send them out of the country before they cost us even more money.” Anyway, it’s not the day laborers that have border states concerned, it’s the criminals. And if you think illegal immigrants all work on farms, you’re being naïve. Union-paying construction workers and other skilled laborers that should be making $30 an hour have to compete with illegal aliens willing to work under the table for $5/hr. There are also a lot of small businesses that can’t compete against people who use undocumented workers for everything from business cleaning services to landscaping. These honest businesses simply can’t afford to hire people legally when the law breaking companies get away with not having to pay FICA, Workers Compensation, healthcare and legal wages for their employees. And of course, the tax-paying public bears the cost when these undocumented workers are injured and they’re not covered by Workers Comp or other programs.

The author of this article, Seth Hoy works for an organization that promotes giving amnesty to illegal aliens. Our government has already done that three times in the past half century. All it did was inspire others to break the law. Amnesty doesn’t work, nor does ignoring the problem of illegal aliens. Border states have to pay for social services, medical care, food stamps, housing and even college for children of illegal aliens. Even if their parents never paid into the system, these kids are eligible for publically supported programs, including Social Security disability! But Seth Hoy and the Immigration Policy Center want the federal government refuse to cooperate with Arizona authorities trying to enforce the law. Wow, what a solution! We’re in the mess because the federal government has already refused to deal with the illegal immigration problem, and their brilliant response is for the feds to refuse to cooperate with the state trying to solve the problems caused by federal inaction. Go lefties!

I know that a lot of progressives are unhappy with this law, but what is a state supposed to do when the federal government refuses to enforce its own laws? Liberals say it’s not OK for Arizona to define the act of an alien’s standing on its soil without papers as a criminal. But United States law already defines the act of an alien’s standing on its soil without papers as a criminal act. What’s wrong with a state stepping in to enforce its own identical copy of a federal law that the feds refuse to enforce? Especially since one of the reasons they don’t enforce it is because rich agribusinesses want to take advantage of illegal immigrants, and those giant corporations have bought off our government. Aren’t we better off if we prevent the abuse of immigrants by ensuring their legal status doesn’t prevent them from reporting abusive employers?

I wish good intentioned liberals would spend some time thinking these issues through instead of having such knee-jerk responses to complex problems. This isn’t about race or racism, and it’s not about picking on any group of people. It’s about doing what’s right by our country and the people who live here legally, including our immigrant population. The real question we need to ask ourselves is why are we so obsessed with helping the people who come here illegally over those who are waiting their turn? If you care about poor Mexicans, then let’s provide support to the Mexicans that are still in Mexico suffering under their government’s policies that perpetuate abject poverty. Why are those starving children less important than the kids whose parents snuck across the border to have their babies here?

C’mon progressives, use your brains. Pretending this is all about racism is as stupid as Obama supporters crying racism every time someone criticizes Obama’s corporatist policies. Of course racism exists, and of course cops can be abusive, but this law specifically prohibits racial profiling. Those who are detained illegally will win huge sums in court for their troubles. These issues are complex, and we’re not going to find good solutions while you’re jumping on the bandwagon of false cries of racism. If you can think of other ways to prevent racial profiling, go ahead, make some suggestions. But the Immigration Policy Center’s great idea of not enforcing the law is NOT reasonable solution, nor should progressives be pushing for such silly responses.

Let’s stop being so naïve about how we’re used by those who want to increase their political and economic power. It’s in our best interests and it’s even better for our immigrant populations if we enforce immigration policy, not just ignore the lawbreakers until the right wing can use it as a wedge issue.


  1. Elaine says

    The law is a necessity. It is looking after the America as a whole. It is not just Mexicans coming across, it is all kinds, but mostly a way for more terrorists to get in the country & we have enough already here. I know we used to be nice to all, but no longer. Our Country is in distress & we cannot afford to support the Mexicans but we cannot afford what comes with them, the Drug Cartel, the drugs,the terrorist from everywhere. Common Sense does not make everyone happy or please all of us but making stands to keep us safe & to make sure the Americans are taking care of, especially our children.

  2. says

    Sorry, but to pretend that our next-door neighbors in Mexico must get in a waiting line equally with immigrants from overseas from incompatible or even dangerous countries is dishonest, because they are already here in the New World and have a right to share it with us in peace and prosperity. The only issue is under which govt., the U.S. or Mexican govt. What if the Mexican govt., known for total corruption and injustice could go poof? Why shouldn’t the border also go poof, allowing the territory to be reorganized as several new U.S. states, turning the gunned-up no-mans-land border into the gateway to a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas, New Fla. etc.? Find out how it can be done with the Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

    • SK says

      Aside from your incessant promotion of your own site, you also create strawman arguments. I didn’t say that Mexicans are more deserving immigrants than people from “dangerous countries,” the problem is simply that corporations that benefit from cheap labor have prevented our government from doing its job. Canada shares a border with the US just like Mexico does, yet Mexican potential immigrants are prioritized over Canadian. Why is that? I would contend that it’s because Canada has fewer poor people our US companies want to take advantage of.

      If we want to help the downtrodden next door in Mexico, letting them come and work here illegally is not the solution. Eliminating NAFTA and supporting sustainable business practices in Mexico and other Latin American countries would be much more effective. Preventing employers from hiring illegal aliens helps maintain living wages for all working Americans. When employers have to pay for their employees’ Workers Compensation Insurance and other taxes, the public doesn’t have to foot the bill for the employer’s cheating with illegal immigrants. It’s even better for legal immigrants, since there’s less public hostility about illegal aliens. Allowing millions of illegal aliens to live and work here is bad public policy and gives the right wing a huge wedge issue to rally their base.

      The real question is why are liberals so eager to support those who break the law to come here to the detriment of those who are already US citizens, and prioritized over those who don’t break the law to come to this countr?. If we care about poor Mexicans, why aren’t we helping the starving kids stuck in Mexico instead of the freeloaders living here?

      By the way Winslow, the Mexican government is not going to go “poof” as you wish it would. More likely, people like you pushing for special status for Mexicans will result in more inaction on stopping illegal immigration, more hostility toward immigrants, and a higher cost to America’s middle class (to the benefit of America’s and Mexico’s elite ruling class).

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