Friday Feedback: Eschew Totalitarian Thinking

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Wayne SL commenting on “Did the Berlin Wall Really Come Down?” by Tom Hall.

Here’s Wayne’s comment:

Once more on the nail head and to the heart of the matter, Tom! We must decry and eschew totalitarian thinking and behavior in politics, religion, art and social interaction. The Reds are a problem, whether here or there, and a Military-Industrial Complex will operate in much the same way in any state that harbors it.

To whatever extent we citizens abdicate our responsibility to learn and employ the tools of good self goveernment, others will usurp those powers and enslave us. We of the ‘civilized’ nations are being more thoroughly and inextricably enmeshed in this complex web of dependence and denial, amounting to indentured servitude to the same Robber Barons that have been skimming the cream off society’s milk pail for centuries. We must look forward, but through the lens of history- or we are doomed to repeat it. Thank you for giving us a clearer view of this particular bit of history, Tom.

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