Friday Feedback: Fox News, Glenn Beck and the Haters

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by  MadAsHeckNurse, responding to comments on her own  “Joe Wilson’s Outburst, A Black Woman’s Perspective.”

Here’s MadAsHeckNurse’s comment:

Thanks to Sharon Kyle, Black Woman Blogging, Tom Degan, Nancy Martin and LA Progressive for this honest article and the comments in response. I could not hope to be as articulate as any of you but I do want to to concur! I might also add that,in addition,I happened to be in Washington, DC for a pro healthcare rally, not sponsored by Fox News, Glenn Beck and the haters.

Realistically they may have had 50,000 people, almost entirely white, many elderly and disabled in wheelchairs shouting about wanting their country back and the government to stay out of their healtcare, (Medicare??. My friend and I, both nurses, mothers, white, and middle-aged were appalled and sicked by this crowd and their overt rascism, Bible thumping, hate filled hypocrisy. The signs they carried have been seen in the news since then. I was stunned and sickened! They marched around calling themselves patriots, waving the American flag,”Don’t tread on me flags”,and signs calling President Obama Hitler, Socialist, Communist. The reality is that the Bush administration, which most of this crowd supported blindly, largely met the definition of fascist. That is what we need to take our country back from.

I was so angry that I even tried to engage in a civil discussion with several people from the crowd as we walked into the amazing National Gallery of Art-A government run museum, at no charge. For that matter I am still angry and even more afraid. Afraid of where this country is headed with this type of discourse. What will we do to stop the hate and save ourselves, from ourselves and the corporate take over of our country.

President Obama is not responsible for the mess the Bush administration left this country in, he is our hope. He is intelligent, measured and frankly amazing! (So is Michele). Now Wilson is the hero of these largely delusional people, being played by big money, the hate jockey’s who make money off this hate spewing evil, and the Republican Party whose only goals are to defeat President Obama at any cost, at every turn for political gain. Now they are suddenly feign being worried about the deficit? Right! These are dangerous games with dangerous consequences. Nancy Pelosi was courageous to show the real emotions welling up as she warned of the rhetoric and it’s potential violent consequences.

We the people, of all races and cultures must unite to fight the corporate take over of our country that has arisen since deregulation began and trickle down economics have proven disasterous. We cannot truly be a civilized nation until we act responsibly, morally, and truly assert that “all men are created equal”. Quality health care and education for all are civil rights the masses are being deprived of. Quality Education and Health Care for All, Not Warfare!

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