Friday Feedback: Guest Worker Program?

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by jbakerjonathan, commenting on “Tens of Thousands March in Protest of Arizona’s SB 1070,” by Seth Hoy. Here’s Jonathan’s comment:

I agree that there is a problem for America in keeping a status quo with illegal immigration – something must be done. Why? Among other things, illegal immigrants don’t pay the taxes which legal immigrants and American citizens pay. The lack of that extra money causes our hospitals, schools, police departments – all of those entities that support our society – to be either overburdened or to be increased in size with additional tax money from the taxpayers. Because our borders are porous and our tracking systems for limited visas are all but non-existent, our society has a group of people (illegal immigrants) not paying their fair share.

Businesses delight in having a labor pool of illegals. They can be taken advantage of and they can’t complain. This translates into higher profits for the unscrupulous business corporation, be it large or small. The illegal workers on the farms in the fields, in the lawncare industry, the service industries, the meatpacking industry, all work for lower wages and for longer hours, many times under unsafe conditions, doing jobs that aren’t applied for by American citizens in many cases. Not withstand that, illegal immigrants find America to offer a better life for them and they keep coming to partake in that better life. And, as long as politicians in foreign countries can maintain their status quo by having the illegal emigration safety valve and not having to tackle the hard task of improving the standard of living of their constituents, those politicians will do nothing.

It’s all about the money, folks.

Ok, here is what I think would help to resolve the illegal immigration problem, although it would not be welcomed by those who profit from the status quo: create a Guest Worker Program. Workers would be given a limited visa (two, three or four years). Those workers would pay all the taxes, pay into a group health plan and would not be allowed to have their family with them. The idea is to have them pay their way without being a burden to our society and to give them an incentive to return to their own country. A turnover of workers would result, allowing other foreigners the legal opportunity to work here, thereby reducing illegal immigration to a very small number. The wage paid to the guest workers must be at least the minimum wage so American citizens could also vie for those jobs, if they so desired. Over a long period of time, the cost of the creation and maintenance of the guest worker program can be paid in part through a tax paid by the guest workers.

Although somewhat unfair, initially the Guest Worker Program would be filled with all the current illegal immigrant workers now in the US. Families residing with them would remain here until the visa time limit was reached. Then all would return to their country of origin.

Additionally, we must increase our border security north and south, together with the incarceration for five years of captured illegals. Heavy fines must be levied on businesses caught hiring illegals to prevent their abetting illegal immigration.

The citizens of this country want immigration reform. The politicians in Washington, DC are finding it difficult to turn their backs on the monetary contributions made by big business. We have to raise a big enough stink to make them realize the folly of not resolving this issue. We have to make them understand that keeping their jobs depends on their resolving the illegal immigration problem now.


  1. Marshall says

    There are some good ideas in this article. I am not sure it will slow or stop the current flow of illegals into our counrty. I do wonder why America has to have weaker boarder laws than all the other countries on the planet. Having lived in many countries in Europe and Asia, I know most of them shoot at peolpe in the marked boarder zone and if caught, you will have free room and board for some years. Google laws from Mexico and see how they run the southern boarder of their country, not like our southern boarder.

    I really think one group of politicians wants to make new voters of those here not legal and that causes them to look dishonest. How about we just do the logical right thing for our country and our laws.

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