Friday Feedback: Gun Lust


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Jessica Teel, commenting on David A. Love’s “A Philly Tragedy Reminds Us of America’s Gun Lust.” Here’s Jessica’s comment:

Well said! We focus on “terrorism” when the REAL violence in our society is domestic, made more deadly due to guns. The leading cause of death among pregnant women in the US is murder. Why don’t all the fetus obsessed conservatives care about the pregnant women shot by their husbands?

Thanks for listing those great statistics. I live in Alaska where even a meditation teacher I met had a gun case in her living room! The other day I went to the post office to find a table of little old ladies raffling off colt handguns to raise money for the senior center. Insane! You would think the post office, with its history of deadly gun attacks, would prohibit raffling guns inside their building. But such is Alaska….about the most gun-obsessed place on earth.


  1. says

    You seem to forget that the places where these homocides take place at have the tightest gun restrictions in the country. Philly is no exception. DC’s gun ban and its crime rate also come to mind.

    Gun control only disarms law abiding ctizens not criminals.

  2. Thumpers Dad says

    I am a Yellow Dog Democrat who owns a gun and I don’t belong to the NRA. Your bias against guns is as bad as the NRA’s bias for guns. If you want to really help, get off your left wing self rightious pedistal and push for very harsh penalties for crimes committed with any type of gun. The more you push for the elimination of guns, the stronger the NRA becomes. Most Americans don’t have problems with guns, but they have a problem with criminals with guns. You will get more accomplished if you moderate yourself.

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