Friday Feedback: Healthcare History Lesson

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Damien commenting on Hey, Hey, LBJ! What Kind of Bill Would You Kill Today? by Mark Bowen.

Here’s Damien’s comment:

Comparing the passage of a bill that expanded rights to another that take them away really takes the cake.

Here’s a history lesson: the pieces of legislation that were difficult for LBJ to get through were progressive in nature and challenged the power structure.

This P.O.S. health care bill (I believe that’s the official name) is entirely the opposite – entirely.

Any crumb that could have been thrown: Medicare buy-in for 55-64, state’s right to establish single payer or reimportation of prescription drugs was swept off the table. (Notice I intentionally left the weak feckless public option off that list).

The only aspect of this bill worth commending is the expansion of Medicaid (which doesn’t require a half-trillion dollar give away to Big Insurance to accomplish) and even that is was scaled back and flawed in that it will increase an already heavy burden on state budgets. What one hand giveth the other taketh.

Regulations are stated, but there is no enforcement and they will be challenged in the courts, just as they were challenged at the state level. Google “rescission” and “California.” And if you think any piece of legislation drafted by the same industry that is being regulated isn’t filled with loopholes I have beachfront property in Arizona to sell you. You have to be totally brain dead and oblivious to the way Washington has been run for sometime now.

And by the way Medicare was NOT wildly unpopular when it was passed. Half of the Republicans in the House and 40% of the Republicans in the Senate vote for it because after all the rhetoric about socialism they KNEW it would be wildly popular. This bill will usher in the next Contract on America. Only a brain-dead Democrat would campaign on the P.O.S. health care bill.

Instead of campaigning on expanding medicare to more people, reimportation of drugs, we’ve got the individual mandate and the biggest bailout of the insurance industry since AIG.

The democratic party is about to commit suicide and the activists who are calling for the bill to be killed are simply trying to talk the party off the ledge


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