Friday Feedback: Illegal Immigration Enemy of All Workers

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Steve Lamb commenting on “Righting the Moral Wrongs of Immigration Reform,” by David A. Love.

Here’s Steve’s comment:

Illegal immigration is the enemy of all workers, regardless of color. An open border and an endlessly enlarging pool of labor brings the value of all labor down. One of the many problems facing the state of California is the LOW WAGES enforced here by an open border. Supply and demand always works in the labor market. Increase the supply and the demand lowers.

Anyone who is NOT for immigration reform is against organized labor, against a living wage and against worker recourse to the the courts. One thing demands the other.

In the Netherlands when you remove the VAT prices at mcDonnalds are the same as they are in the USA, yet hourly worker wages at the McDonnalds in the Netherlands are 30% higher than in the USA. Where does the extra 30% go? into the franchisees pocket.

Contruction costs are much higher than they were thirty years ago yet wages are way down in the industry. PArt of the extra cost is due to increased costs of code changes and the rest is going into the contractor and developers pockets.

Same for clothing factories, the gardener, the cooks at your local eatery. An open border is keeping wages down, the multiplier down,and tax revenues down.

It’s also teaching young White, Asian and African-American workers that there are kinds of work reserved only for “Mexicans” and at the slave wages offered far below their dignity. this is bad for them and the country as a whole. It devalues all labor.

As to globalization, its not inevitable. Getting to globalization required changes in the law favorable to offshoring. The fix is just as simple, tariffs for goods made in slave wage factories with wretched working conditions and that are polluting beyond even those of the early 20th Century. These factories in the third world are NOT CREATING wealth, they are destroying it here at home for the working class and also destroying the world wide commons of clean air,land and water.

Its we the People’s fault we kept voting for politicians who were hell bent on getting their next donation and serving their corporate donors rather than we the people. Until we refuse to vote for people who refuse to vote for us, it wont change. As long as the left embraces the globalizers and union busters because we want to feel warm and fuzzy, we will not have a movement worht anyones time.

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