Friday Feedback: Julia H. Comments on “Lipsticked Pit Bulls: Orange Jumpsuit Better Idea”

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgEvery Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment that was submitted in response to “Lipsticked Pit Bulls: Orange Jumpsuit Better Idea,” by Denis Campbell. Here’s Julia’s comment:

The McCain/Palin ticket does not stand for “country first” when they criticize the many millions of American citizens who are “brown skinned” and of mixed race. Whether born here or transplanted here, America is beautiful because of our people of all colors, all creeds.

In case we haven’t noticed, America is not a “white” country. America is a country of mixed races and many colors from all over the world. May I point out, too, that whites are not native to this country.

We are not an insulated nation, the world has evolved, and we will not slip back to ugly and hateful 19th and 20th Century bigotry. All people are created equal, we are all patriots – perhaps with differing individual views – but we are united as one American people. We all go to Home Depot, we all have hopes, we all have ambitions for our kids, we are all human beings.

I am entirely saddened to hear the ugly things that McCain and Palin have to say. It is evident by their continued poor performance in the polls, interviews, and debates and their irresponsible handling of crowds at their rallies that neither of them is qualified to be the leader of what used to be a mighty country, a country that embraces our differences. These two are undignified and absolutely un-presidential in the modern sphere.

McCain no longer commands respect as a uniter of people or someone who “reaches across the aisle.” The aisle reaches far beyond Washington DC and into the very heart of the American people. To most of us Washington is a nebulous entity, much like “Wall Stree greed.” What matters here is that McCain and Palin are not reaching across to the greater majority of us who have more meaningful and productive ideals for America going forward into a peaceful, globally inspired future

McCain and Palin have earned their place in history as being the people who have brought out the very worst in all of us, pitting us against each other as if the citizens of the United States were mortal enemies, not unlike the warring hoards in the very nations that we’re attempting to “bring democracy” to.

By encouraging division among the American people and condoning racial terrorism at home, McCain and Palin’s rhetoric of hate and intolerance will be a continuation of the Bush/Cheney brand of ignorant belligerence that will only dig us deeper into a growing global quagmire of war and unrest.

Haven’t we learned anything in the last 200 years? When will we be ready to acknowledge that all people are created equal, as the Founding Fathers noted in the very documentation that is the cornerstone of the American way of life? When will we be allowed to embrace our differences rather be divided into categories based on ethnicity or level of patriotism (or any other subgroup)? America must evolve or be condemned to keep repeating her mistakes.

Thank you Mr.McCain and Ms.Palin for initiating the unraveling of a hundred years of peacemaking on American soil. You have given birth to the new domestic terrorism.

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