Friday Feedback: Planned Parenthood Not Evil Genocidal Racists

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by MyLeftMind commenting on “Black Community’s Division on Abortion Ad Campaign” by Rev. Irene Monroe.

Here’s MyLeftMind’s comment:

Excellent article Rev Monroe.

The distortions about Planned Parenthood are meant to paint them as evil genocidal racists. Nothing could be further from the truth. The dedicated people at Planned Parenthood provide our schools with curriculum and materials to teach youth how to prevent pregnancy and disease transmission, they provide low cost and free women’s health exams including cancer screening, and they provide access to birth control and counseling.

They’re trying to help women, not prey on them. But it’s easier for anti-choice organizations to villainize those who help than admit that they’re really against allowing women control over their own bodies. Even the terminology “abortions performed on African-American women” implies that women are not making their own decisions about their reproductive health.

I wish anti-choice organizations would put as much time and energy into finding better ways to prevent pregnancy than they do trying to force women to bear unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.


  1. PeonInChief says

    Many young people do not know that the abortion rights movement became the “pro-choice” movement in the early 1970s. The reason for this was quite simple–Puerto Rican and Native American women stepped forward to complain that they had suffered not only abortion, but forced sterilization, at the hands of their doctors. (Many women only found out that they had been sterilized as young women when they later consulted doctors because they could not conceive.) The abortions rights’ movement took this seriously and became pro-choice to include the right of women to have children, along with the right to abortion. Accusing Planned Parenthood of racism is possible when one doesn’t know the most basic history, although I find it difficult to think of it as history when I can remember the events in question.

  2. Bill L says

    I am a Mike Malloy “Truth Seeker”,I hate repubklans , having said that,an been clear right up front All i can see is a hatred form the christian right. Those people are afraid they are scared, and they are being played like a fine guitar at a symphony. Soon as there usefulness is gone so are they, in my thinking an i feel sooner or later the lies of rodger ailes an the fix news folks sister sara rush etc. will come to the surface. What scares me here there very be cities in flames, an death run ramped, all because of the lies of the right wingers and most of all the corporate shills. Just a feeling Bill


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