Friday Feedback: Same-Sex Marriage Ban Bigotry

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This week, Reggie Brown comments on Sheria Reid’s article, “Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Bigotry Isn’t Only a Southern Brew” which addresses the banning of same-sex marriage in 31 states.

Reggie Brown comments:

… as long as it’s the other guy who is responsible, then we avoid uniting in a collective effort to dismantle these laws…

You hit the nail on the head, Ms Reid. One way to move forward on this issue is to convince those in our community who hide behind archaic verses in the Bible to acknowledge that their bias is based on Cafeteria Christianity. People pick and choose passages in the Bible based on what they already believe, just as they tend to seek out friends and articles that reinforce their predetermined viewpoints. If they don’t like gays, they’ll justify it by saying it’s God’s Word they’re following, not their own inherent bias. Those of us who see homosexuality as a natural part of human sexual expression are more likely to focus on Jesus’ biblical record of love and acceptance. In our faith communities, we need to remind people to distinguish between equal rights in civil marital contracts versus holy matrimony, which is a religious concept.

The question we face now is how to generate enough support for gay rights to get past this political quagmire we’ve been in since the 1970s. The GOP has repeatedly used the fear of gay rights as a bludgeon against our Party’s candidates. Homophobia is one of the right wing’s biggest fundraisers and get out the vote strategy. Right now, LGBT citizens and some supporters are fighting for equality, but for the most part, young liberals assume it’ll all work out eventually, and older Democrats just won’t take a stand on it. Somehow we have to convince most Democrats that it’s in our best interest to move forward with this. President Obama could lose the election fall because anti-gay bigots flock to the polls to vote not just against him, but for the upcoming pile of anti-gay legislation in many states.

I can think of some strategies, especially in minority communities. Creating faith-based LGBT-friendly groups to raise awareness, and to plan and implement walk-outs and protests every time a pastor or other leader preaches against gay rights would help. We can also correct our friends and colleagues when they confuse or merge civil marriage with holy matrimony. Most importantly, we can point out the parallels between the black civil rights movement and today’s gay rights movement. The next time someone claims that the gays are hijacking the African-American civil rights movement, remind them that bigots also used the Bible to justify slavery, and later miscegeny. We don’t have to compare oppressions between different groups, we just have to recognize the similarities in function and effect, and work to stop them. When people claim that oppression of gays and lesbians is not comparable to that of African-Americans, they are empirically wrong. Not only is the oppression similar, but the path forward may benefit from some of the same techniques we used in the 1950s.

Here are some statistics:

Number of lynchings in America from 1882 to 1968: 4,742 (27% of which were lynchings of white people)
Number of homosexuals killed by Hitler for being gay: approx 250,000
Number of gays and lesbians killed via the Catholic Church’s terrorist actions such as witch burning: Millions

Aside from the horrendous number of gays and lesbians killed throughout history, both African-Americans and homosexuals have been denied legal equality in this country, and the resistance to change was propagated via churches and community organizing. The purpose and effect is to keep both blacks and gays disempowered personally and politically.

Thank you for your article, and I hope we can all work together in the fight for equality.


  1. Bishop Hamilton says

    We often find groups and organizations that uses Bible verses to somehow justify their opinions or wrong doings ! 
    There are 66 Books in the Bible and if you intend to use any verses you should use the entire books from page 1 to the last verse of Revelations, and one of the verses you will find clearly shows how Jesus stated he can not change any commandments made by the father Jehovah before his birth.. This is for the license plate wearers ( Pretend Christians and Non-Christian ) !I can only imagine based on what i have read regarding how Jehovah reacted to the same issues that we face today how he destroyed the people that were committing these sins and those that agreed or went ago with them…Now Jehovah being wiser than Jesus knowing that man wouldn’t change his ways promised Jesus that he would give him a little room to Redeem as many as he can but at the end of the day ( Revelations ) he going to destroy everybody that violated the laws..Actually you stand a better chance of being Redeemed if you have never heard the word of Jehovah or read it than you do if you’ve gone to church ,seen T.V. or heard it on the Radio.The biggest deception today is that we can live full lives and break all the rules and the last day call on the name of Jesus and be saved.Do you know how foolish that is ?  We can’t even break all the rules in our society without going to jail… How can anyone with or without intelligence believe that Jehovah is going to allow us to live and break all the Tenth Commandments without paying a penalty ?When he said if you break one you’ve broken them all.Have you tried living in today’s world without breaking at least one of them ?We have men and women of different nationalities in jail for crimes they didn’t commit while we have several groups tying up the court system and abusing the Constitution while keeping them from getting time to prove their innocents.We should stop wasting time on people that have nothing else to do but create disruptions in our homes,schools,businesses,churches and focus on real issues facing our existence on this earth.. 

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