Friday Feedback: These Folks Are Armed

istock_000001483014xsmall.jpgFridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Brown Bear, commenting on “Teabaggers in the Mist,” by Charley James.

Here are Brown Bear’s comments:

These signs are good for a laugh, but I agree with Sharon that there is also cause to be very frightened – especially since many of these folks are armed. It is only a matter of time before they escalate to violence and this violence will surely be aimed at minorities and “demorats”.

Actually they have escalated to violence as seen in the fatal shooting at the holocaust museum. I am very afraid these types of attacks will continue. Obviously there needs to be a higher body count than one African American security gaurd for this violence to be taken more seriously. Will it take a whole museum full of murdered children for people to take this violence seriously?

What struck me during the presidential campaign – as I worked to educate people about Palin’s destruction of the Alaskan ecosystem – was how violent her supporters were. Death threats (via email) with graphic details of my torture were received almost daily. I was stunned that political discourse had turned into a fight to the death – literally – for a lot of people. Mixing such a high level of political agression with the ubiquity of guns in this country can only result in violence.


  1. David Colcord Anderson says

    To Brown Bear,

    Given your apparent endorsement and agreement with the views espoused by the Charley James article to which you reply, the
    threats you received are likely as unjust as those you may hurl against our free society. Our duties and rights as citizens are clearly outlined, yet you refuse to acknowledge these.

    Who seeks to deprive you of life or liberty?
    How do these supposed treacherous persons even know of you?
    How has your infamy and great popularity, with what is stated as being such an evil lot bent on doing you harm, been gained?

    Is it through crafty and glorious evasion of hostile armies that you’ve managed to continue on your pulpit while suffering no mortal wound?
    How many of the assassins coming against you have been apprehended and tried?
    As a dutiful citizen, did you report the violations of law?

    You cry wolf when surrounded by would be friends engaged in non-violent debate, yet in some future day when you may be in true peril, would you have us defend you against wolves with our bare hands?

    I pray sir, that you and Mr. James desist in so recklessly smearing swathes of law abiding citizens with the brush of public enemy, lest you cover yourselves entirely in paint.

  2. annieR says

    I live in Arizona, the state in which guns have been most conspicuously displayed at a Presidential appearance. We also have a “pastor” who, from the pulpit, prays for President Obama’s death (recall Shakespeare’s “Richard II,” who asked for someone to please rid him of the meddlesome Thomas A’Becket–someone promptly did). I have called Arizona Senators Kyle and McCain a number of times, asking that they speak out against this kind of hate talk. Their response? Deadly silence.

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