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  1. Gay IS the new Black. Your writing is full of misconceptions and distortions about the suffering of LGBT people at the hands of many majorities over the centuries, black skinned people included. You are full of indignation and overused outdated vitriol about “white privilege.” It makes you appear to be an intellectualized bigot hiding behind racial language. Please stop your divisiveness, we do not need and “us vs them” attitude here. Why are you further trying to widen a rift between race and orientation? The civil rights struggle can now shift to the LGBT rights struggle first and racial rights a close second, and switch back again when the time comes, it will do no harm. Dr. Martin Luther King was not a “Black Civil Rights” leader he was a “Civil Rights” leader. You are helping no one and hurting many by your insinuations that the civil right struggle is not one to be claimed by the LGBT movement for equality. If Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s to forget the bitterness of the past and seek a common ground, not one of “us vs them.” And, btw, feel free to call yourself “queer”, but it is an insult to me. I am a gay man!

  2. I can truly agree with many things that sister Monroe has express, however i also believe using the word queer by a perspective leader is some what out of order. We need to always be just in our speech as minister’s. We are the one’s carrying the torch for others to see and if we allow ourselves to take a step down by using such words then those that we are trying to lead will look at us as being equal to them in our feelings. Often times i have found myself very angry regarding some of the issues we are facing. As leaders we must do as those to whom have come before us by coming together and making it known that we object to the issues at hand. We cannot simply stand behind four walls on Sunday and speck out. With all the churches and ministers in this country, we should have our own million minister march and make a statement that the church doesn’t agree with these issues. Use the radios,televisions what ever media we have to confront issues without talking out of two sides of our mouth..

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