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Hypersex has hit the headlines. Obviously, too many males are unable to control their raging testosterone and bad judgment.

Irrational Fear of Homosexuals

It’s gotten so prevalent that, according to Shari Roan in the March 1 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the American Psychiatric Association has proposed that “out-of-control sexual appetites be included in the next edition of the psychiatrist’s bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, to be published in 2013.”

The disorder? Sex addiction or, as the shrinks will call it, “Hypersexual Disorder.”

In Washington DC, whether it’s John Edwards, John Ensign, David Vetter, or Larry Craig, their sex drive is definitely disordered and inquiring minds want to know: What’s going on with these lying, cheating philandering politicians?

And these are just the Senators. Even with careers, reputations, family and marriages on the line, these adult men, and we’re not talking teens or 20-somethings, are unable to control their sexual appetites.

But, further.

Let’s not forget the exhausting examples set by sport and entertainment figures who have been unable to use their incredible physical, intellectual and creative skills to check, channel or understand how their sexuality might be used less destructively. We even joke: “The Pope and Tiger Woods died and went to heaven on the same day. St. Peter sent the Pope to Hell and Tiger to Heaven. It turned out there was a mix-up. Tiger, who should have gone to Hell and the Pope, who should have gone Heaven, met at the elevator. Exclaimed the Pope, ‘I am so happy to be going to Heaven. I can finally meet the Virgin Mary.’ Responded Tiger, ‘Oops, sorry! You’re a day late!’”

And, even further.

According to Nancy Gibbs in her March 8 Time magazine column “The War Within,” “The Pentagon’s latest figures show that nearly 3,000 women (in uniform) were sexually assaulted in fiscal year 2008.” This figure is based on reported assaults. Not taken into account is the number of sexual assaults which go unreported by female soldiers because of fear. Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) called this an "epidemic of assault and rape against women in our military"

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Talk about harming unit cohesion and military readiness. However, that’s not stopping the opponents of ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” from saying that ending DADT would really harm military morale and recruiting – especially dangerous at a time, they warn, when the country is engaged in two wars. "Nothing can or should be done that could harm military readiness in wartime," says Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, which favors continuing the ban on openly gay service members. Ever heard about male-on-female sexual assault, Ms Donnelly?

Obviously, too many men don’t have any choice when it comes to their sex/control drives.

What is emerging is a profile of male sexuality which is promiscuous, insatiable, predatory, and violent. Further, that it must be expressed regardless of consequences or situation. According to Gibbs, “The Pentagon estimates that 80 to 90% of sexual assaults go unreported...anonymity is all but impossible...victims stay silent...(for) fear of ostracism, harassment or ridicule...(or) that they would be labeled troublemakers.” And there are plenty of facts to back this up. For instance, in civil investigations of sexual assault, prosecution results in 40% of cases. In military investigations, only 8% result in prosecution.

According to Indra Lusero of the Santa Barbara-based Palm Center, lesbian servicemembers have also been accused of mirroring straight male soldiers behavior. In 2008, before the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee, Elaine Donnelly and Brian Jones, Sergeant Major US (RET), both of whom want to ban homosexual servicemembers, “shared their overwhelming fear of what they described as homosexual sexual predation and heterosexual victimization to forward their case against openly gay service. Both pointed to anecdotal evidence of lesbian aggressively referring to ‘black lesbian gangs’ (circa mid-1970s) and to a ‘band of lesbians’ (circa 2003) and incidents of severe homosexual bullying, threatening, and groping of heterosexual women by lesbian soldiers’ as reason to support the need for an overall ban on openly gay military personnel.” Give me a break! This is ridiculous. There is no evidence or data supporting any type of this illegal and immoral behavior on the part of lesbian service members . Same-sex-obsessed Elaine Donnelly certainly gets around.

What this really demonstrates is that some soldiers who flash hypercharged masculinity are really afraid of letting male homosexuals serve openly in the military. They are afraid of becoming victims of homosexual men who may act in the same way they do. They fantasize that gay servicemembers would be willing to put everything on the line just to have sex with a fellow soldier. Imagine, homosexual service members taking a page from the playbook of hyperseuxal straight soldiers! This is total hogwash. It’s not gay men who are unable to control their sexual urges. If that were true, male-on-male sexual assault would be happening in the military at this moment. Gay men are already in the barracks and showers. And I would bet that they’re not even the ones who are raping females!

carl matthes

No wonder this type of homophobia finds resonance with not only the hypersexually disordered members of Congress but with those members who are intolerant, uneducated or afraid of their own sexuality.

It’s time to stop putting the blame for violent or predatory sexual activity in the military on gays and lesbians. Even facing unfair characterization and laws, gay men and lesbians enlist. They serve loyally, even though they must lie about their sexual orientation. And, yet, they remain willing to possibly give, ultimately, their life for their country.

Lets be honest about sexual activity and stop using “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as a camouflage for the hypersexual dysfunction of polticians and the violent sexual activity of some service members.

Carl Matthes