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The Republican War on Women acts as a smokescreen, distracting attention from policies that are a more fundamental assault on all Americans, not just women. Consider the reality of Bain Capital’s war on job creators while Romney headed that firm.

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Romney’s original business model for Bain Capital was simple:

  • Find a company that had been founded and built up by someone (a job creator);
  • Grab controlling interest in that company;
  • Force the company to hire “management consultants” from Bain;
  • Load the company with extreme debt to pay outrageous “dividends” to Bain Capital;
  • Abandon the company in bankruptcy (destroying the jobs that had been created by the company’s original job creator).

This process was not invented by Romney. It has long been the practice of organized crime to muscle into neighborhood restaurants and stores and any cash business, then force those businesses to buy supplies and ‘protection’ from mob suppliers. The businesses are used to launder cash from organized crime operations. When a business has been drained of all assets and utility, it is abandoned and closed.

What Romney did was reshape the mob tactics to work on a larger scale, and to make the takeover tactics legal within the definitions of securities laws. The goal was the same as the organized crime goals – grab a business, drain its assets, destroy its viability, and dump the remains. When the mob does this, it is called crime. When Romney’s Bain Capital does this, it’s called “innovative.”

What the mob does is to rape small businesses. Romney’s Bain Capital does exactly the same thing. But because it is all done according to securities laws, it is “Legitimate Rape.”

Women who have been raped always say that there is no difference between rape and “legitimate rape”. Workers whose jobs have been destroyed by the mob or by Romney’s Bain Capital point out that there is no difference between losing your job due to company rape by organized crime or the “Legitimate Rape” of a vulture capitalist take-over.

Before the spreading drought distracted people’s attention, there was a growing wave of news stories about water pollution caused by the chemicals pumped into the ground by oil companies as part of their “fracking” operations. Fracking now reaches from Pennsylvania to the Colorado Rockies. Oil companies are pumping poisons into the water table and underground aquifers that provide irrigation for the nation’s Midwestern Farm Belt.

When mob trucking companies pick up loads of industrial waste and dump them in national forests, to avoid paying fees at waste disposal sites, they rape the environment, and we call that crime. When oil companies buy permits from Republican politicians to let them pump billions of gallons of pollutants into our aquifers that too is environmental rape. But because the oil companies buy permission to rape the environment, the rape is “Legitimate Rape.”

We have laws against price fixing. Businesses that engage in price fixing are breaking the law, and economically raping their customers.

During the Cheney/Bush administration, the Republican Congress passed a law making it illegal for the government to negotiate with drug companies to get lower prices for medications. While most businesses were prohibited from raping their customers, the pharmaceutical industry got express legal permission to rape the taxpayers on drug sales. Because the economic rape of the taxpayers was written into law by the Cheney/Bush administration, the pharmaceutical industry’s economic rape was “Legitimate Rape.”

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Social scientists tell us that rape is usually not about sex, but rather about the exercise and demonstration of power. This is consistent with the Tea Party Republican’s concept of “Legitimate Rape.” The fundamental principle in business “Legitimate Rape” is that whomever has the ability to buy the right should be able to inflict their power and damage on anyone or any group they choose.

When the Tea Party Congress took over in 2010, they said that their primary focus was going to be on job creation. But they were not clear about what they meant by that. Over the following 18 months, they showed us what they meant. They fought every measure that President Obama offered for creating jobs. The Tea Party Congress made clear that their focus on jobs was going to be a focus on preventing job creation, as a way of working to prevent President Obama’s reelection. Their policy was to rape the American workforce. But since the rape was done as part of legitimate Congressional activity, the rape of workers was “Legitimate Rape.”

While working to block President Obama’s job creation efforts, Tea Party Republicans in many states also introduced bill after bill to eliminate minority and poor people’s voting rights. The same folks who fabricated claims of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers, now work to deny voting rights to poor and minority voters. They seek to rape the electoral system, and to make that rape of voters “Legitimate Rape” by giving it a veneer of statutory justification.

At the same time, the Tea Party Congress passed dozens of bills to restrict women’s rights over their own bodies. Each of these bills was part of the Republican War on Women. And each was designed to focus attention on one group, women, while distracting attention from the efforts to make the ongoing corporate rape of America “Legitimate Rape.”

Among the leaders of this effort was corporate lobbyist and Tea Party favorite, Paul Ryan. Ryan worked with Todd Akin to draft a bill that would criminalize all abortions and most birth control, while at the same time making such things as statutory rape “legitimate.”

Ryan has become the new “Cheney” of the Tea Party Republican movement. Romney is the figurehead at the top of the ticket, with the good hair and strong chin and jawline (but without the verbal grace and sophistication of George Bush). But Romney defers to Ryan on economic matters. Ryan dictates the policies and motivates the base. One of Ryan’s fundamental beliefs is that honesty is never the best policy. As an Ayn Rand ‘true believer,’ Ryan rejects any and all facts and data that do not support his preconceived notions. His commitment to lying is so fundamental that he even lied about running a sub-3-hour marathon, although knowing that there were records to disprove the lie – he is simply convinced that his faithful followers don’t care how often he is caught lying.

Romney and Ryan have explicitly admitted that their campaign cannot win if they tell the truth. Romney says of his undisclosed tax returns that if he reveals them, the press will point out negative truths about his past conduct. Ryan admits that he can say nothing true about President Obama that is bad. So he simply lies about President Obama’s policies and successes.

This is the ultimate “Legitimate Rape.” For Tea Party Republicans, the truth is the central thing to be raped. In the Citizens United decision, five Tea Party Republican ‘justices’ sitting on the United States Supreme Court, said that raping the political process of the nation, by throwing billions of corporate dollars into intentionally dishonest campaign ads was a good thing. Those five Tea Party ‘justices’ decided that corporate rape of the political system was “Legitimate Rape” as much as fracking, or pharmaceutical industry price fixing, or Romney’s Bain Capital use of organized crime methods was “Legitimate Rape” in the business world.

But political “Legitimate Rape” is no different from any other kind of rape. It is violent and destructive. Just as Romney’s Bain Capital efforts were destructive of jobs, the Tea Party Republican War on Truth is destructive of a political system that depends, for its very survival, on an informed electorate. By working to make sure that the electorate is misinformed, Tea Party Republicans are working to undermine the legitimacy of the political process.

Tom Hall

Tom Hall

Posted: Wednesday, 5 September 2012