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McCain's Misogyny and Fear Keep Palin on Tight Leash

During Sarah Palin's acceptance speech when nominated by John McCain for Vice President, McCain wouldn't leave Palin alone on stage. Rather than give her the momentary limelight, McCain peered over her shoulder and read her speech alongside her. He was visibly nervous and has remained so ever since.


Other than Wednesday at the RNC when Palin finally appeared solo, the image of McCain hovering authoritatively over her is the constant at every appearance. McCain's public subjugation of Palin, and her public acceptance of it, sets male-female advancement back decades. Were Palin truly a trusted and powerful woman she'd request and be granted autonomy on stage, and reject McCain's Taliban-like presence. All that's missing is her burka. Honestly, what strong woman tolerates a man hovering over her in the presence of thousands? If she's really VP worthy, McCain should leave her alone.

Here are three short videos evidencing McCain's "tight-leash" on Palin. The first is Palin's acceptance of the nomination for VP:

The next clip is from Friday, September 5th in Cedarburg, Wisconsin - the day after McCain's RNC acceptance address. Witness McCain's stern father stance. In contrast, Joe Biden was immediately able to go out on his own.

And then there was this Saturday, September 6th appearance in Colorado Springs. McCain fidgets and reads nervously over Palin's shoulder. He would let her lead the country but he's afraid to let her read. Is this emblematic of his misogyny, his lack of faith in her - or both?

I'm usually a temperate writer. I'm opinionated - but factual. I don't like to rant. When angry, I moderate my message in service to the truth. That's as it should be. BUT NOW I'M ANGRY! I'm angry that John Sidney McCain claims he puts COUNTRY FIRST - but in the ruse that is Sarah Palin, he puts his country LAST. His goal is to win at all costs. McCain chose HATE TALK over STRAIGHT TALK and a band of Bushes to promote his cause.

John Sidney McCain, who claims love of nation beyond ALL ELSE, has chosen a running mate he won't let out of his sight - let alone address the press. There is NO 60 day learning curve for President, Mr. McCain! Watch as CNN's Mary Snow explains to colleague Fredericka Whitfield that the McCain campaign decided NOT to send Palin on the campaign trail alone:

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I've watched the Bush/McCain clan destroy this country - MY country - under the guise of protecting it. I've seen rampant militarism bankrupt every sector of this nation - from its tangible infrastructure to its intangible soul. "ENOUGH!!"

On August 28th I sat in Invesco Stadium in Denver. I listened to Barack Obama's acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Eight and a half minutes into the speech, Barack Obama hit a tone that Democrats have been afraid of. Obama raised his voice with volume and conviction and shouted "ENOUGH!!" Witness for yourselves:

The stadium went wild! That power - that conviction - is long overdo. ENOUGH must be our clarion call.

I can't say whether Barack Obama will recover from his current centrism to become The People's leader if elected! Regardless, those who love this nation long ago adopted the internal and external mantra of "ENOUGH!!" They've shouted it since 2000 and the stealing of the election. They've shouted it since 2003 and the invasion of Iraq. They shouted it through the streets of Denver, the streets of Minneapolis-St. Paul and into the Republican Convention. Witness CODEPINK's Jodie Evans opposing Palin at the RNC (shown right). No misogynist or false leader could keep Evans on a leash.

Jodie Evans at RNC

ENOUGH recklessness! ENOUGH war! ENOUGH raping this nation's resources! ENOUGH of the divide between rich and poor! ENOUGH corporatism, militarism and greed! ENOUGH shredding the Constitution!

ENOUGH Palin and McCain!!!! "ENOUGH!!"

Linda Milazzo

by Linda Milazzo

Linda Milazzo is a Los Angeles based writer, educator and activist. Over the past three decades, Linda has divided her time between the entertainment industry, community development projects, and education. A political and social activist since the Vietnam War, Linda attributes her fully-engaged-intense-head-on-non-stop-political activism to the UNFORTUNATE EXISTENCE OF GEORGE W. BUSH, corporate media, self-serving officials, greed-ridden American imperialism, environmental atrocities, egregious war, nuclear proliferation, lying leaders, global tyranny, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, and her need for justice complex.Recent articles by Linda: