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Last weekend I spoke at the Chautauqua Institution Literary Arts Center on the above subject, addressing the right wing Supreme Court Justices’ wanton attempted destruction of American democracy. Also speaking (to a much bigger audience), was Fareed Zakaria, who characterized this right wing cabal as not conservative but radical, destroying 161 years of precedent on guns and abortion in two days.

What follows is the article resulting from the first draft that I delivered as the speech at the revered Chautauqua Institution in western New York State:

My family has 402 years invested in this country, from William Bradford, the first governor of the Plymouth Colony for almost 40 years, to Lt. Pelatiah Everett, a Minuteman who may have fired the first shot in the American Revolutionary War, to my namesake Edward Everett, who delivered the Gettysburg Address (Lincoln also spoke), to my father, who helped develop the Norden Bombsight, which helped end World War II, to me.

I will not let the right wingers on the Supreme Court destroy what took so long to build. My youngest grandchild will be my age in the year 2099 - what will the United States and the world be like then?

Women Fight Back

It is time for the women of this country to fight back - most American men are too cowardly to do so, but it is not our bodies that are being attacked by five men and one Handmaid’s Tale-type woman on the Supreme Court. It is time to take action to prevent America from retreating almost 50 years to the time of Back Alley Abortions. We should protest against the Republicans, who rail against government interference in our lives, but are trying to impose the most direct government control possible: dictating whether or not a woman should forced to give birth, even in cases of rape or incest.

American women should refuse to have sex until Roe v Wade is codified in U.S. law. Let your bodies speak in ways that will cause male pain, since it is men who mostly are causing this problem. Cause “good trouble” to force a change of policy, which hopefully will drive these extreme right wing Republicans out of office. Call them out for what they are: raging hypocrites.

Children Fight Back

Uvalde unleashed a torrent of emotion and outrage about the terrible lack of meaningful gun control in the United States: how could an 18 year old boy buy assault weapons and ammunition days after he turned 18 years old, and slaughter 19 4th Graders for reasons only he knew. Children in the U.S., with the support of their parents, should refuse to go back to school in the Fall until meaningful gun control is enacted, including the banning of ownership of assault weapons and large capacity magazines in the U.S.

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What Congress just passed and Biden signed is a first step, with many Republicans in Congress ashamed Into supporting it by the outrage of most Americans, including a majority of the members of their own cult. But much more is needed, and if parents refuse to allow their children to go to school until meaningful gun control is implemented, Congress has to act.

Minorities Fight Back

The persons causing the current problems are people like me: white men. It is time that we recognize that Americans are of every color and gender, and that we have to give way and allow them a seat at the table, or even the seat at the head of the table for a while. All of us in America are immigrants, and it is time to pass meaningful immigration reform.

Voters Fight Back

The right wing Supremes are engaged in a systematic effort to deprive voters that don’t vote Republican, particularly in the South and the Flyover States, from voting in future elections. It is time for another generation of Freedom Riders to head out to right the wrongs the Republicans are creating. We cannot let a Tyranny of the Minority run this country. As Pundit Brian Tyler Cohen says: it is time to “fight back and fight hard”. Keep the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, then do away with the Senate filibuster and pack the Supreme Court. There are 13 Appellate Circuits in the U.S.; there should be one Supreme Court Justice for each of the 13 Judicial Circuits.

And then codify Roe v Wade…

Gays Fight Back

Next up may be destruction of gay rights and same sex marriage, if Yalie Justice Clarence Thomas has anything to say about it. If legislation or judicial decisions are forthcoming which would roll back these rights, perhaps a good ‘fight back” would be to “out” closeted Members of Congress and Judges. If they are going to screw with gay Americans, it is time to play dirty.

Some say that it is not appropriate to stoop down to the Republican level, but I say that if you don’t do it, America’s democracy will evaporate. It only took 19 months for 1930s Germany to go from a democracy to a Hitlerian dictatorship.

Indict Trump

This week’s testimony by Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson may have made it impossible for AG Merrick Garland not to indict Trump. It has to happen, even if a weak Garland is not convinced he will get a conviction. To not indict at this point is not acceptable; it would make all future Presidents above the law. Do it; even if both Houses of Congress flip in November, the Biden Administration will be in office for at least two years after that date (unless Trump stages another Insurrection), more than enough time to try Trump and his thugs for their clear crimes.

I have obtained from a high level member of the Trump Administration the home addresses of the six right wing GOP Justices on the Supreme Court. If you as a reader want them, I will provide them; if you get the addresses, don’t try to go to their homes- they are protected by big men with big guns, and you will get arrested. But do write them - tell them about the pain they have inflicted upon you. Free speech still exists in the U.S., at least for a while.