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It has come to this as it was always destined to. Men who revel in war and competition are challenging men who have evolved to a battle over Women's Rights. A majority of women are on the side of the men who stand for complete equality for women but the men who control the major systems of finance, religion and government, around the world, are not.

pro choice demonstration

These men have unleashed a fury of epic proportions here in America against women, a War on Women. We men, who are the right side of history and evolution, are ready for the battle, the final battle that will determine the future of our world. We are prepared to take the battle to the forces of repression, suppression and slavery wherever they exist.

One of the major battles of this man-made war on women will be on November 6th, 2012, right here in America. Make no mistake. Any Republican victory is a loss for women. Any Blue Dog Democratic victory is a loss for women. Any Progressive, Liberal or Moderate who thinks otherwise is asleep at the wheel.

The skirmishes of the last two years are vivid proof that the treatment of women, so despised and reviled when viewed from afar, like say in the Taliban or any Theocracy abroad, is here in our midst. Efforts to strip women of their Civil, Human and Property rights are torching through the progress of last 100 years, from Voting Rights to Reproductive Choice. Patriarchy is determined to either remain preeminent or rent the fabric of society so viciously that it will be generations before we can recover.

Gentlemen, we shall not let that happen. We shall remain vigilant. We shall stay organized. We shall be relentless. We must join with legions of women from across the political spectrum, in every religion and in every nation who are in it to win it. And win we will.

So, any man out there who thinks this is over, who believes that god ordains it so, who holds the thought in his tiny fevered brain that they are destined to dominate mother nature, all women, other nations and the cosmos itself beware. Your power is weak. Your days are numbered. The battle is joined.

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And so I say to you, all of the women in my family, my life and our world, spread the word far and wide. We are fed up. That is it. We will not take it anymore. Take a message to every man, in every nation, in every religion, who is all in for their suppression of women, that we will not let them take civilization back to the Dark Ages. Let them know of our determination to make this pledge true in our lifetime: No woman on this planet shall be held back, put down or denied their place at any table. We will accept nothing less than complete legal and actual equality for women from this day forward.

On November 6th we start the New American Evolution of full and equal rights for Women. All rights. All the time. In every place. Starting with Women's Health, Reproductive Rights and Physical Freedom. Extending to equal pay for equal work and into every corner of our lives.

Vote on Tuesday November 6th like our future depends on it because it does, especially if you are a man who is ready for the final battle. Women will lead the future away from war and competition and toward peace, love and collaboration. Join me. Stand up for women. Stand together with women. Be a real man...

Brad Parker

Brad Parker|

From Valley Dems United Newsletter, Marige Murray editor

Posted: Monday, 5 November 2012