George Lakoff’s Majority Vote Budget Initiative

June 16, 2010
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23rd Missed Budget Deadline in 24 Years Underscores Importance of Passing the Majority Vote Budget Initiative

SACRAMENTO – Midnight came and went and for the 23rd time in the past 24 years, California State Legislature once again missed another budget deadline, underscoring the need for voters to say “Yes” to the Majority Vote Budget Initiative, which would lead to California’s budget being approved by a majority vote.

“It’s time to end the budget gridlock and political gamesmanship that come with being one of only three states that requires a 2/3 vote to pass the budget,” said California Federation of Teachers President Marty Hittelman. “This will be our 23rd late budget in the last 24 years in California. Late budgets hurt our schools, our economy and the people that depend on vital services the state provides. A Majority Vote Budget is an important first step for common sense reform of the budget process.”

The Majority Vote Budget Initiative is currently in signature verification and will be on the ballot in November. The Majority Vote Budget Initiative does three things:

1) Reforms California’s budget process by requiring the state budget to be passed with a simple majority. Majority approval of state budgets works well in 47 other states and in the Federal government. There is no reason why California should be any different.

2) Maintains the two-third vote requirement for any tax increases.

3) Holds politicians accountable for failing to do their job: If legislators fail to pass a budget on time, they don’t get paid and they can’t pay themselves back later.

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  1. Chris Peeples says

    Dear All:

    I don’t know if it is LA Progressive or the Majority Vote Budget Initiative but this partial initiative (which we all should support, by the way) is not “George Lakoff’s Majority Vote Budget Initiative” and it is disingenuous to promote it with that title and the Lakoff speech at the Commonwealth Club in LA.

    The Lakoff initiative was a simple one sentence amendment to the California Constitution which said: “All legislative actions on revenue and budget shall be determined by majority vote.” It covered both budget and revenue (from taxes or fees). The current initiative _only_ covers the budget. The Lakoff initiative had to be abandoned after Jerry Brown saddled it with a title and summary that used the word taxes nine times in one short paragraph.

    — Chris Peeples –

  2. says

    Yes, let’s get this thing on the ballot and passed by a majority of the voters of the state. But then something must be done about the 2/3 majority needed to pass tax increases, this too should only require a majority. If the revenues are not there to support a budget then revenues must be raised and so a small minority can stall action to support the budget by preventing an increase in revenues.


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